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Life After Prison by Silencieux (PDF) novel Chapter 11

“Timothy Tanner?” Severin’s face soured as he looked at the grinning man in front of him. He was a little unhappy, but he forced a smile and asked, “What’s with the two of you?” 


Quinn smiled triumphantly, “Can’t you see? We’re both married. We got married not too long after graduation! It’s such a shame that you couldn’t come to our wedding, but we understand. You were in prison, after all!” 

Severin’s expression sank even more. Although Timothy and Quinn were all smiles, their words belied hints of a superiority complex. Perhaps they felt that way because Severin excelled back in college and was president of the student council! 

“Where are you heading, Severin?” Timothy asked. 

“Oh, the Richemont Hotel!” Severin said casually. 

“I see! You’re attending Lucy’s wedding too? Well, hop in!” Timothy smiled. “Don’t worry, your clothes might be a bit old, but it doesn’t really bother me. You should get the chance to experience what it feels like to sit in an Audi!” 

“Sitting in an Audi, eh?” Severin’s brows furrowed slightly but he soon flashed a cold smile and got in the car. “Honestly, I’ve never sat in an Audi before. Are the seats made of real leather?” As Severin spoke, he touched the back seat and exclaimed, “Whoa! It’s really soft!” 

“Hehe, look at you. You’re like someone who’s never seen the world. This car is the best of its kind, costing tens of thousands!” 

Timothy drove the car with pride and asked again, “Why are you still touching it? Will you be able to pay for it if you leave a scratch on it?” 

Severin smiled and said, “I still prefer taking a helicopter though. That was my mode of transport when they sent me back here!” 

“Cough, cough!” Quinn, who was sitting in the front passenger seat, nearly choked on the water she drank when she heard Severin’s words. She screwed the cap back onto the bottle and turned around. “You’re one to joke, aren’t you? A helicopter? That cracks me up!” 

She then looked at Severin and added, “I remember you wearing these clothes in college, Severin. Why are you still wearing them? They don’t fit you too well now, do they? And I’m guessing you just got your hair cut?” 

Timothy then remarked, “The Richemont Hotel is one of the most well-known luxury hotels in our city. Severin should know how to pay attention to his image, but then a good set of clothes, pants and leather shoes are really expensive, so a change of hairstyle might just do the trick. Haircuts are pretty cheap now, aren’t they?” 

Severin chuckled indifferently. “I was planning on getting a new set of clothes, but I was caught up in something and didn’t have any time, so I decided to just forget about it! I don’t care about this kind of stuff anyway!” 

“Haha, just admit it if you’re poor. Isn’t that better than trying to act as if you’re not?” Timothy sneered. 

Quinn said with a snicker, “Women like us have it easier. We don’t need to work too hard, as long as we look good and find a rich man to marry!” 

When Timothy heard that, he immediately retorted, “That doesn’t sound very nice, Quinn. Does that mean you wouldn’t marry me if I had no money?” 


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