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Life After Prison by Silencieux (PDF) novel Chapter 112

Chapter 112 

“Let’s go!” 

Those who were higher in the hierarchy walked along the path toward the villa gates. Since the villa was halfway up the mountain and there is only one road leading to it, one could easily see how many people Larry brought just by standing at the gates. 

If Larry brought some men for an ambush, their only option was to do so in the woods at the foot. of the mountain. In the event a fight broke out, however, it would probably be too late for them to rush up even if they found out about it. The cars parked at the open space for Larry, Blade, and the others to get off with Severin. 

“Haha, and here I was worrying that you’d be afraid to come, my old friend! I’m glad you could make it to Kevin’s birthday party! Having you here will make our villa all the merrier!” Monte was ecstatic to see Larry and Blade bringing such a small number of people there. 

Though he had made extensive preparations to kill Larry, he estimated that there was a less than ten percent possibility that Larry and Blade would attend. It was therefore quite a surprise that Larry and Blade came and only brought very few people! 

Severin looked at the group in front of him and smiled coldly. The enthusiasm they were showing would give a bystander the impression that both sides were old friends who have not met each other for many years. 

“Haha, you’re too polite! This is such a luxurious villa! The architecture is imposing yet modest too. How splendid! We are honored to be guests at this grand place!” Larry then laughed before continuing, “You’re too kind, by the way. This is just a meal, and if I’m afraid of coming, I’m sure. everyone will laugh their heads off if word gets out!” 

“Gutsy!” Monte gave Larry a thumbs up. “Honestly, the relationship between our two sides has been a little tense recently. I was worried you might be afraid of coming after assuming that I’m plotting something against you! After all, Blade did assault our subordinate yesterday!” 

Larry grinned. “Come on, it’s not like this the first time a scuffle happened between our men. These trivial things won’t affect us! And besides, we can’t possibly decline after you sent 

someone to deliver the invitation to us!” 

Moving on, Larry deliberately turned to Kevin and said in an awkward tone, “Unfortunately, we came here in such a hurry that I didn’t even have time to prepare a gift for you. Your invitation came at the last minute, so I hope you won’t mind me attending your birthday celebration without bearing any gifts!” 

“Of course not! Your presence here is a sign of courtesy to me, and that is already a good enough. gift!” The tall, burly, and somewhat chubby–faced Kevin said in a rough voice. 

“Yes, yes! Your attendance is the best gift!” Monte immediately echoed the same as he invited Larry and others inside. “Please, do come in! I thought you’d bring a hundred or two hundred people here, hence all that tables you see prepared over there. I didn’t think it’d be just the few of you! But who cares! Your presence is more than we could ask for!” 


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