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Life After Prison by Silencieux (PDF) novel Chapter 114

Chapter 114 

However, if Monte could use the poisoned wine that he had prepared to eliminate the two leaders from the picture, then the remaining people would be a piece of cake for them. 

One–Eye was not an idiot, and he immediately understood what Monte meant. He cupped his hands and bowed to Blade in a fake show of sincerity, “My apologies. You’re our guests today, and our esteemed leader is right. Whatever happened in the past should be left in the past. We ought to do our very best to play host to our valued guests!” 

“Hmph!” Blade sat back down when he saw One–Eye sitting back down too. 

Monte then looked at Severin again, and then said to Larry, “My friend, who is this young man. here? You seem to have a good relationship with him!” 

Larry then smiled and made an introduction. “This here is Mister Severin Feuillet, a miracle doctor. I was not feeling too well earlier, but he treated my condition so my body could recover. Since he was a guest at my place and your men invited us over for this celebration at the last minute, I decided to bring the good doctor with me as well!” 

“Ah, so he’s a miracle doctor!” Kevin smiled disdainfully after hearing that. “Hehe, there are many people who claim to be miracle doctors, but most of them are nothing but charlatans. There’s probably only a few of them who have genuine medical skills.” 

After ending his sentence, he made a point to give Larry a sideways glance. “Don’t be fooled!” 

Monte, however, immediately smoothed things over and said, “What are you talking about? Larry is a smart man. You don’t really think that the man who now leads Draco Hall can be deceived that easily?” He then turned to the servant and said, “Haha! Well, you can serve the food now!” 

The servant soon served up the food. Monte then opened a bottle of fine wine that had been aged for many years and said, “This is wine that’s aged for so many years, and I normally can’t bring myself to drink it. But today is different! Can somebody come here and fill up everyone’s glasses?” A subordinate immediately came over and filled up everyone’s glasses. 

“Come now, everyone! Let’s raise a glass to celebrate the thirtieth birthday of Kevin, our second–in- command!” Monte stood up and remarked while raising his glass. 

Larry and the others stood up and raised their wine glasses too, but when they saw that no one was drinking the wine, Larry exchanged glances with Blade and felt afraid of drinking either. To their bewilderment, Severin drank it all in one gulp and said with a smile, “Amazing! This truly is some good wine!” 

The corners of Larry’s lips twitched a few times and he wondered if Dracodeus Hall’s new Supreme Leader was that brave and foolhardy of a person. It was almost as if he was not worried that there would be something wrong with the wine, especially since the hosts had not even drank any yet. 

Monte was a little surprised to see that Larry and Blade had still not drunk any wine, so he goaded them. “Hehe, why aren’t you and Blade drinking the wine? Are you scared that it might be poisonous?” He drank it all in one gulp when he finished speaking, and One–Eye along with the others gulped it all down too. 

“Okay. We’ve all drank ours, so I’m sure you trust me now, right?” Monte smiled, leaned back, and said to the others. “Let’s eat, everyone!” 

Larry and Blade drank their wine when they saw Monte’s men drinking all the wine. At the same time, Larry started to doubt himself–he wondered if he had been overthinking things and that Monte never had any ulterior motives in the first place. 

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