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Life After Prison by Silencieux (PDF) novel Chapter 116

Chapter 116 

“Goddamn!” Those rich businessmen who joined them for the celebrations realized that Monte had plans to kill Larry and Blade. None of the businessmen were prepared for what was 

happening, and they were so frightened that they hurriedly removed themselves from the area and hid behind the Cedar Gang’s people. 

“We’re in trouble, Hall Master sir. Our only option is to try and fight our way out!” The 20 or so of Draco Hall’s people were rattled by what was going on, but they continued to stare fiercely at their opponents. 

Those who were allowed to come with Larry were the strongest of their group, and it stood to reason that they had long cast away all considerations of life and death. 

“Today’s a bad day for Larry and Blade!” 

“It is. If they die, then Draco Hall will be disbanded the Cedar Gang would probably rise to become the strongest force!” Those wealthy businessmen who cowered behind the Cedar Gang whispered among themselves and were under the impression that Larry and others were doomed. One could not fault them for thinking along those lines because there were about two to three hundred highly–skilled people in the Cedar Gang. 

“You may have dodged the poisoned wine, but you won’t be able to escape today!” At this moment, the crowd dispersed to make way for seven people. They were none other than the masters from the Blood–Drinker Gang who came from Riverson. 

“Sinbad, also known as Ironclaw!” Larry glanced at them and immediately recognized one of the big men among them. That man was one of the more highly–skilled individuals from the Blood- Drinker Gang, and his hand was equipped with an extremely sharp iron claw, hence his moniker‘ Ironclaw‘. 

“You’re from the Blood–Drinker Gang?” Blade knew the person as well and immediately glared at Monte. “Where’s your humanity, Monte? Didn’t our three groups agree never to collude with outside forces regardless of the circumstances? Have you no idea that you’re bringing wolves into the home when you’re colluding with the forces in Riverson?” 


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