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Life After Prison by Silencieux (PDF) novel Chapter 118

Chapter 118 

Larry took a step forward and cupped his hands at Severin as a show of reverence. “Thank you for your help, Mister Severin. We would’ve been dead if it weren’t for you.” 

Severin smiled. “It wasn’t a big deal. I’m just a little annoyed that my clothes are now covered with blood. It’s only been two days since I got them!” 

Larry chuckled and assured him, “Don’t worry, Mister Severin. I’m familiar with this brand, so I’ll send someone to get you the exact same set from the store. It’d surely be troublesome for you to explain to your wife if you head home in this condition!” 

Severin nodded. “Guess that’s our only hope then.” 

After Larry asked one of his subordinates to take a photo of Severin’s clothes label, he said to the remaining people from the Cedar Gang, “This marks the end of the Cedar Gang. I’ll send someone to take over your territory and property very soon. Those who are willing to stay with us and join us are most welcome to do so. Anyone who prefers not to can leave of their own accord!” 

“Thank you for not killing us!” Someone looked up and shouted. 

Others began to join the chorus of gratitude. “Yes! Thank you for sparing our lives!” 

“Take these corpses out and deal with them. And make sure everything’s spotless! No one is allowed to spread the word about what Mister Severin did today. If any one of you fails to keep your lips sealed, I’ll find out which one of you said it and then slice off his tongue!” Larry threatened them after some thought. 

Blade looked at those wealthy businessmen kneeling tremblingly on the ground and said coldly,” That includes you people too!” 

“Of course, of course! Don’t worry! We promise not to say anything!” Everyone promised at once as cold sweat began to drip from their foreheads in fright. 

At that moment, Severin walked to the table and sat down. “Dang, I haven’t even eaten my fill yet! Come over here, Hall Master Larry! Let’s continue the meal! We’ll leave as soon as the remaining members of the Cedar Gang dispose of the corpses!” 

Larry walked over and chuckled. “Haha, I’m still a little hungry too, to be honest. Let’s eat. Once my men come back with the clothes, you should take a bath and then change into a new one!” 

“Well, I need you to send me a few strong bodyguards to stand watch over my family. My main worry is that I won’t be able to stay by my parents‘ side all the time!” Severin said. 


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