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Life After Prison by Silencieux (PDF) novel Chapter 13

“You must be nuts if you think you can beat all those people, Severin. Don’t go and get yourself killed!” Quinn, who was walking beside him, was taken aback by what happened to him. There was no longer any doubt that Severin was a foolhardy individual, otherwise he would not have been sentenced to prison at all. 


“Severin, you came too?! What a surprise!” A guy in a suit came over at that moment and exclaimed with a smile. 

Severin merely glanced indifferently at the other party. “Fat Pat? You’re here too?” 

“Isn’t that obvious? We’re all college classmates, so of course we’re going to attend Lucy’s wedding!” Patrick Reece, whom everyone called Fat Pat, said with a sarcastic look on his face. He then added, “By the way, when you and I were going after Lucy, she looked down on me and got together with you. I remember how smug you were at that time. Look at you now. Can you even see what you’ve become? You dress like some hobo!” 

Upon seeing Severin’s silence, Patrick continued to rub salt in his wound. “Guess being handsome doesn’t really do much for you now, and your good grades back then are all pretty much useless! Bwahaha! It takes money to survive in this world! Look at me, I’ve made my way into Easton’s company and became a manager there! I even have a young, beautiful wife at home. What do you have?” 

Severin’s face turned gloomy. “Don’t try and provoke me, Fat Pat. I won’t even look twice if someone like Lucy was handed to me on a silver platter. I even refused it when one of the war heroes offered their granddaughter to me!” 

“Pffttt! Hahahahah!” Patrick immediately burst into laughter when he heard that. “That’s super hilarious! Did you learn nothing but bragging during your five years in prison? I can’t believe you made the claim that a war hero’s granddaughter wants to marry you. You must have lost a couple of screws after Lucy abandoned you!” 

“Forget it, Fat Pat. Keep your words to yourself. We were all classmates once, so you should know that Severin even bought a matrimonial home for Lucy. He can’t be too happy to know that Lucy’s getting married today, so why do you have to provoke him?” Quinn could not stand it any longer and impulsively spoke on behalf of Severin. 

“Tch, is that so hard for him to take?” Patrick ignored Quinn’s dissuasion and turned around to say loudly, “Everyone, you must be curious, who is this strangely dressed young man is, right? Well, he’s Lucy’s former fiance, and he was just released from prison! Can you imagine someone like him wanting to marry Lucy?” 

His remark elicited a wave of discussion, and the onlookers all began to point at Severin. 

“I was just wondering why he’s dressed so inappropriately! Turns out, that’s him!” 

“It is him! I heard that he smashed a beer bottle over Mister Easton’s head all those years ago. I didn’t think he’d be released from prison so quickly!” 

“Why would someone like him be here? Is he trying to toady up to the Loughs? I think he might be. My guess is that he finally realized he was wrong, so he went to the wedding to try and get on the Loughs’ good books.” 

Patrick turned around and grinned wide in satisfaction as he watched Severin become a laughingstock. 

“Do you enjoy watching everyone treat me like a fool?” Severin’s expression soured and he looked at Patrick with a cold gaze. 

“You bet I do!” Patrick shrugged his shoulders. “What’s wrong? You look like you’re going to throw a tantrum. You wanna hit me? Go ahead! Haha, I don’t think you’d dare to do that even if someone else were to lend you’re their courage. Where’s your bravery from all those years ago? Don’t you have any left?” 

The next second, however, Severin sent Patrick flying through the air with a kick. The fat man crashed into a table and crushed it to pieces! 

“Holy crap!” 


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