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Life After Prison by Silencieux (PDF) novel Chapter 132

Chapter 132 

With that thought in Felicia’s mind, her face suddenly looked gloomy. “Severin. Shouldn’t you give us an explanation why you bought such a cheap car?” 

Without a doubt, Severing knew very well what was Felicia afraid of. It did not bother him. He smiled. “I actually wanted to buy a more expensive car like Audi, BMW, Ferrari, or Porsche But Diane said it was not necessary. She only wanted a normal car to drive around. I have no choice but I like to listen to everything my wife said. I will buy anything that she wants. Besides, I think this is a good car. It can fit all of us.” 

Diane’s expression looked a little weird. No one would actually refuse a better car. At that time, she did not know the amount of money Severin had in his bank. If she did, she would probably also ask to buy a better car too. 

At that moment, she thought Severin was after the money when he risked everything to ruin Lucy. and Easton’s wedding. If Severin was willing to risk his life because of that money, she presume he was poor and was too desperate to find money to do that kind of thing. 

Looking back at it, she knew she was wrong. Severin was rich but he still fought hard to get the money back because the money was Judith and Maurice’s money they worked hard to earn it. 

“Diane, are you really the one who asked him to buy this car?” Felicia and Megan gazed and placed their attention on Diane. 

Diane smiled embarrassingly and nodded. “Yes, I did. I was just thinking of getting a car for convenience purposes. After all, he was just released from jail. It’s better for us to get a less showy car.” 

“Diane, are you helping him to fool us? You can just say he didn’t have the money to afford an expensive card. If he really has the money, buying an Audi A6 is nothing to him. You can keep a low profile but not too low too.” 

Megan just could not tolerate it anymore. From where she sees it, Severin was fooling them and her sister was covering for him because of Selene. 


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