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Life After Prison by Silencieux (PDF) novel Chapter 134

Chapter 134 

Judith rolled her eyes at Maurice and smiled as she reminded Maurice. 

Maurice raised his brow and said, “It’s easy. I’ll just sign up for a driving course and learn it. Now we have a car to drive, I surely must get a driving license * 

“Yes! Yes! That’s the way to think. You guys are not poor like you used to be. Plus, you guys are not that old too. You should definitely go learn how to drive. Maybe you two can even go for a road trip in the future. Isn’t that nice?” Felicia joined the conversation. 

“Huh? Sounds nice. Felicia, that’s a very good suggestion. We can think about going on road trips!” Maurice heard that and his eyes sparkled. 

There was nothing they could do because they were poor in the past. Now that they had the money and the time, it was time for them to enjoy their lives. 

“Let’s go! Let’s go! Time to grab a cab!” Megan was very excited knowing she was going to own a car and led the war. “There’re many cars in Autoctly!” 

Soon, the group arrived at Autocity. After a few shops, Megan frowned, thought for a while, and said, “Severin, can we go take a look at Mercedes-Benz?” 

Severin nodded. “No problem. Let’s go!” 

Diane quickly reminded, “Megan! I know Severin said anything within a hundred and fifty thousand dollars. It means you can also buy those around thirty thousand dollars to forty thousand dollars. It doesn’t necessarily have to cost nearly a hundred and fifty thousand dollars!” 

“Oh, come on!” Megan frowned when she heard that. “Diane, this is my first car. Why are you. spoiling the fun for me?” 

Felicia was unhappy too. “Diane. Severin was the one who said it was not a problem. Why are you so stingy? We’re his family too. And he has never bought anything for us too. So just stand there 


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