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Life After Prison by Silencieux (PDF) novel Chapter 137

Chapter 137 


Rufus looked at Severin and the others who were ready to leave. His face looked so mad that it was turning green. His desire to rip Severin apart had reached the maximum level. Especially after Severin knew he was jealous of him. His face was burning hot. 

“Stop them!” Rufus shouted out loud when Severin and the others were about to leave the shop. The bodyguards immediately stopped Severin and the others as there were instructed. 

“Mister Rufus, what is the meaning of this? We’re from the Shanahans. Are you really going to hit us?” Felicia said. This was the first time she got involved in this type of incident. It infuriated her so badly knowing she was from a three-tier upper-class family too.. 

Rufus smiled. “Missus Felicia, what are you talking about? I like your daughter. If she is willing to marry, I don’t mind raising her child too. And you can pick any cars that you want from here. I can buy ten cars for you if that’s what you want. You’re going to be my future mother-in-law. How would I think about hitting you?” 

Felicia’s eyes and mouth twitched. She was never fond of Rufus. ‘He’s fat like a pig and he thinks. he can marry Diane?” 

Out of all those rich kids who liked Diane, Felicia liked Edward the most. He was the only son in the family and without a doubt, he would be the one inheriting all the wealth of the family. 

Rufus was the son of Chavezs, a second-tier upper-class family too. However, the head of the family of the Chavezs had two sons. Rufus being the eldest son was derelict without proper work. All he did every day was fool around, splurged money by buying expensive cars, and drink at the 


The second son had a good appearance and was smart too. He was talented in dealing with business too. With that said, even an idiot could tell Rufus was never going to have the chance to be in charge of the Chavezs in the future. 

That was the main reason Felicia disliked Rufus. She smiled and yet, she knew she had to give face to the Chavezs. “If that’s the case, can we leave now?” 


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