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Life After Prison by Silencieux (PDF) novel Chapter 147

Chapter 147 

“He’s Severin? I thought he just came out of prison. Is he that rich already?” Maryam frowned. She wondered if it was a dream because everything was simply so surreal to her. 

On one side, Stanley said, “That’s him alright. He’s the one who made a big fuss at the hotel during Easton’s wedding that day!” 

After hearing what Stanley said, there was nothing Maryam could say despite her unwillingness. 

Catherine remembered that she needed Severin’s help with Liberty City and could not help but say to Diane, “Diane, you’re back! Shouldn’t you be introducing your man to us?” 

Many years have passed since Diane was kicked out of the house, and although she did feel that her grandmother had crossed the line back then, she could not say that she hated the old lady either. After all, the only reason she got wasted and slept with Severin in a drunken encounter was because she did not want to marry Edward and ran away as a result. Therefore, she always felt that she was responsible for everything that happened after that, especially in terms of causing the Shanahans to lose their reputation in the past few years. 

After hearing the old lady’s tone, she forced a smile and said, “Grandma, this is Severin. That’s his mother, Judith, and his father, Maurice!” 

“Hello, ma’am!” 

“Hey there, Grandma!” 

Severin and his parents immediately greeted the old lady with a smile. 

Before long, Diane introduced William, Stanley, and the rest to Severin and his family. 


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