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Life After Prison by Silencieux (PDF) novel Chapter 32

Chapter 32 

“Enough with those empty promises!” Diane glared at Severin and continued, “Don’t just say yes to everything she asks for, or else she’ll keep talking about it until we get it!” 

“I’m not making empty promises.” Severin smiled. “Relax. I’ve got money!” 

“Ugh, fine, whatever!” Diane rolled her eyes at Severin again. From her point of view, Severin could only have been speaking about must be the money that he got back from the Orwells. 

Soon, the two of them returned to the hotel with Selene and were welcomed like esteemed guests to a luxurious private room. By then, the food that Henry and Charmaine ordered had already been served. 

“This is too much food, Mister Henry!” Severin exclaimed with a smile when he looked at the table full of food in front of him. 

“Haha, everything they have on the menu is delicious, so I figured that I might as well let you try them all. Besides, I don’t know what kind of food you folks like, so it wouldn’t hurt to order a little extra!” Henry chuckled. 

“Miss Diane, is the daughter you had with Severin? She’s quite the cutie.” Charmaine looked at Selene and said with a faint smile. 

Diane nodded. “Yes. Her name is Selene, and she’s just a little over four years old!” 

“Come now, everyone. Take your seat and dig in! We wouldn’t want the food to go cold now, would we?” Henry beckoned them with a smile. 

“To be honest, I was planning to celebrate Selene’s birthday today, and I even bought a cake for her. She’s been looking forward to eating cake with her father on the day he returns.” Diane awkwardly took out the cheap cake that she bought and put it on the table. 


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