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Life After Prison by Silencieux (PDF) novel Chapter 44

Chapter 44 

“Y-yes, sir!” Bree was so frightened that her voice was trembling slightly. “Who in world is this guy?” she wondered. ‘He didn’t even think twice before hitting Mister Edward.” 

Diane tried on several garments again, all of which looked exceptionally good on her. 

“I’ll take them all!” Severin smiled in satisfaction. He turned to Bree and said, “Could you let me know how much it all costs?” 

“You’re taking…all… of them?” Bree was taken aback. The most expensive set that they tried on cost upward of about ten thousand, and the cheaper ones were worth a thousand or so. In total there were seven or eight garments, and their price would almost certainly come to a total of well over forty thousand. 

“That I am. Did I not make myself clear?” Severin smiled faintly. 

“Isn’t it a little excessive?” Diane found his gesture to be a little sweet because she never expected Severin to be so willing to spend money on her. Still, those five difficult years of her life made her feel that buying all those clothes was a bit too over the top. 

“That’s what you call spending an arm and leg, right?” Severin remarked with a smile. 

“Sir, the total price after the discount is forty thousand dollars!” Bree came back and said to Severin after she went to one side to do some calculations. 

“Great. Now please pack them nicely for me!” Severin smiled and carried his woven bag to the cash register. 

“No way! He bought…all of them?” Debra, who was standing not far away, was completely dumbfounded. She wondered if she was in some sort of weird dream where a villager wearing ill- fitting clothes and a woven bag could afford to buy clothes worth 40,000 dollars. 

‘That sale should’ve been mine,’ she thought. The commission from that transaction was a hefty amount indeed, and because the clothes there were very expensive, being able to sell one or two garments worth less than a thousand was already an achievement. Meanwhile, dresses worth several thousand would usually sit on the shelves for months. 

Surprisingly, Severin bought all of them at once. 

“Is he really able to fork out that sum?” The other two senior employees were just as surprised. It was through sheer luck that Bree could make such a huge sale. 


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