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Life After Prison by Silencieux (PDF) novel Chapter 47

Chapter 47 

“Maurice! I have bad news. Very bad news!” Judith rushed into the front yard in a panic while Maurice was resting there. 

“What’s going on?” Maurice was taken aback. He had no idea what was happening, but he could sense from Judith’s flustered expression that something was gravely wrong. 

Judith panted heavily. “I went out to buy some groceries earlier and heard some people talking about some guy who caused trouble at Lucy and Easton’s wedding today. There are rumors that the person known as Blade even showed up there with hundreds of men!” 

“Do you mean to say that our son went there to cause trouble?” Maurice was quite frightened by what he heard. If that was the case, then there was a possibility that his son might be killed. After all, many people vanished without a trace after offending the Loughs. 

Meanwhile, Blade was the kind of name that sounded like bad news, and it was more likely than not that he was a person that should not be offended! 

“Severin was nowhere to be seen when I got up this morning, and then there was that unknown woman who came over in a hurry to look for him, but left as soon as she found out that he wasn’t home! This is very bad! Severin must be in trouble! What should we do?” Judith asked anxiously. 

“What did those people say, exactly? Didn’t you ask what happened next? Severin hasn’t come back yet even though it’s already past noon. Do you think something could have happened to him? “Maurice was starting to panic too, and he was at a loss over what to do next. After all, it was already about four or five o’clock in the late afternoon, and the wedding would already have ended 

much earlier. 

“I rushed back after I heard what they said and didn’t ask any other questions. I’m worried, Maurice. What if Severin’s in trouble again? He was just released! How are we going to live our days if he goes back to prison? What are we going to do if they beat him up and crippled him? Or worse…killed him?!” Judith could not bear to think of the situation that Severin might be facing. 


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