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Life After Prison by Silencieux (PDF) novel Chapter 51

Chapter 51 

“Haha, this isn’t an issue of whether we look down on Chevys. Did you even stop to have a good look at where you’re at right now? We recognize almost all the homeowners here, and the cars that they drive are either Porsches, Maseratis, or Ferraris! The value of the cars they own could reach millions!” 

Another security guard sneered and chided in agreement with his colleague. “Oh, and there are those who drive a Rolls-Royce too! Honestly, this is the first time we’ve seen someone drive a Chevy and claim to be a homeowner here!” 

“What’s the matter? Isn’t he going to leave? Hey, pal, it’s obvious that you drove to the wrong. place!” Another security guard came over and began to urge Severin to leave too. 

“He says he owns one of the houses here. Don’t you think that’s hilarious?” The fat security guard from earlier said with a hearty laugh. 

“Severin, did you go the wrong way? The houses here are very expensive!” Judith looked at the villas in front of her. They were all huge, detached units. At a glance, it was clear that not many people could afford such houses. 

“Don’t worry, Mom. Our place is right inside!” Severin turned around and smiled at Judith. 

When the two security guards heard Judith’s words, they were even more certain that Severin was merely bragging. The thin security guard who came last earlier said, “Well, there is an easy way to solve this. Anyone who owns a villa here would have a key. Take yours out and show it to us. Then we’ll know if you’re telling the truth.” 

“Yeah! Show us your key then? Haha!” The fat man immediately said. 


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