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Life After Prison by Silencieux (PDF) novel Chapter 55

Chapter 55 

Severin soon drove the car to the gate of Villa 808. It was very huge, and there was a garage that was specially located next to the entrance. He parked the car there, got out, and took the key to open the door. 

“I…I never dreamed that we’d ever have the chance to live in such a big villa!” Maurice felt emotional when he looked at the big villa in front of him. 

Judith frowned. “I don’t think we can’t afford the management fees for such a big place…” 

Severin opened the door with a smile. “Leave those stuff to me. I want you to move in here with peace of mind, so don’t worry so much about everything.” 

“Come now, dear! Let’s move our belongings in. I believe Severin must’ve done some great things for Henry to give him this villa!” Maurice smiled and said, “It seems that Severin’s medical ability is exceptionally good and he saved Henry’s life successfully. We might not be able to afford a place like this even if we work ourselves to death, but this might just be worth pocket change to Henry!” 

“Right, we should move our stuff in first. It’s getting dark already, so we should get everything sorted out and let everyone choose their rooms. Once that’s done, we’ll get some delicious food outside!” Diane smiled too. It was the first time in five years that she had felt genuinely happy. At long last, she no longer had to live in that small and cramped place with her daughter. 

“Will I have my room too, Mom?” Selene looked at Diane innocently and asked curiously. 

“Yes, of course! A villa as big as this would have lots and lots of rooms, both upstairs and downstairs!” Diane said with a smile. “I’ll bring you up in a moment so you can choose the room you want!” 

“Your mother and I are fine with downstairs. You three should take the rooms upstairs!” Maurice chuckled and added, “You know, I kept worrying over what to do if Severin came out of prison with so much debt. He didn’t have a house or a wife at the time too, but now, he has a wife and a daughter, and he can even call this huge villa home! It’s all still so surreal to me!” ! 

Judith rolled her eyes. “Look at you, being all beside yourself with joy!” 


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