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Life After Prison by Silencieux (PDF) novel Chapter 58

Chapter 58 

Judith stretched her neck to glance at the price, and her face sank instantly Unfortunately, she had been told not to make any remarks about it and so smiled awkwardly while saying to Diane, “Go ahead and order whatever you like, Diane. These few years have been very tough on you, so you don’t have to hold back on Severin’s first time treating you to a meal!” 

Maurice was already mentally prepared for the food prices there. After all, few people patronized that establishment because it was beyond the financial means of ordinary people. Rich business people seemed to be the only customers there. 

After seeing the price, however, he still could not help his frown as he picked up the tea on the table and poured himself a cup. 

Diane just looked up at the old couple and could feel their uneasiness, so she smiled faintly and said, “I don’t feel like eating oily food, Severin. How about we go someplace else?” 

At that moment, a rich young man happened to pass by with his group of friends, and his eyes lit up as soon as he saw Diane. 

He immediately smiled. “What a marvelous excuse, pretty lady. If you can’t afford it, then just say so. Don’t make excuses about how you don’t want any oily food. They serve imported lobsters here, along with abalone and fish! Everything’s delicious, and the soup’s not that oily, is it? I don’t think the waitress would buy your excuse!” 

Diane’s face soured when she heard the man’s remark and she shot back coldly, “Whether or not I can afford to eat here has nothing to do with you, does it?” 

The rich young man stretched out an index finger and put his other hand on the back of the seat next to Diane. He bent down slightly and smiled cheekily as he wagged his finger and said, “Hush now, babe. It has everything to do with me because I’ve fallen for you at first sight! If you promise to come with me tonight, I’ll pay for your meal in return. You can order whatever you like!” 

“Haha, that’s Norman for you!” A guy behind him burst out laughing. 

“You’ve got a good eye, Norman. Her beauty is on point!” Another chubbier man laughed without caring that Diane and Severin would be unhappy. 


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