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Life After Prison by Silencieux (PDF) novel Chapter 63

Chapter 63 

“Him again? Ugh, this is annoying! Lucy felt even more disgusted when she saw Severin savoring some red wine with a big smile on his face 

I can’t take this. I’m going to get revenge! Easton thought of a plan and clenched his fists while saying viciously. “Our family’s strongest bodyguards weren’t around at the hotel today I think I’m going to make a call and get all of them to come here. Let’s see if this b*stard can still go up against my strongest men!” 

At that moment, however, Jada smiled coldly beside him. “How can you be so dumb? Do you have to solve every problem with your fists? I hope you didn’t forget who’s the de facto owner of this restaurant.” 

Easton’s mind went blank for a moment but he was soon overwhelmed with joy. “Do you already have a plan in mind? 

A smirk appeared across Jada’s face. “If he’s bold enough to eat at my restaurant, I’ll make sure he won’t be able to afford this meal! Let’s shame him and his family!” 

Lucy, however, scoffed at that plan. “Hehe, I don’t think that’ll work at all. Even though your restaurant charges a hefty price that is far beyond the means of ordinary people, you should know that Severin took a hundred-and-ninety-thousand dollars from the Orwells today. He probably still has a lot of cash left over even after buying some nicer clothes and that cheap car!” After a pause, Lucy continued. “It looks like he ordered a lot of food too, and he must’ve done so knowing that he has a lot of money left over. There’s no way he won’t be able to afford that meal!” 

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Jada sneered again. I’m not going to hold back at all after he beat up my cousin today.” She looked at Lucy, and then said with a grin, “They’re all wearing super famous brands, see it, they probably spent all that money thinking that they’ve struck it big. The way I see it, they probably have less than half of that left, and since this is my restaurant, won’t I have the final word. on the prices of their meals?” 

“That’s a brilliant plan! Thanks for helping me get back at him. The time has come for us to see Severin turn into a laughingstock!” An overjoyed Patrick was already getting excited to see a good show 

Jada then mulled over her plan and remarked suddenly, “Hehe! A better idea just came to me! How about we cuck Severin again?” 

“What do you mean?” Everyone looked at her in confusion when they heard that. 

Jada smiled coldly. “Easy! When the time comes to pay the bill, I’ll change the price of their menu. and make a fake one with prices that he simply can’t afford. I’ll then get one of the waitresses to tell Diane that an ‘old friend’ is upstairs and wants to see her. As long as she goes to the private room upstairs to chat with that ‘old friend’, that ‘old friend’ would offer to settle the bill. Do you think Diane will head upstairs to the private room?” 

“Of course! The original price is the meal is already expensive enough! If some friend of mine. suddenly offers to settle the bill as long I head upstairs for a chat, I’d be curious to know who’s could be that generous!” Lucy answered without hesitation. 

Easton was still a little puzzled though. “How does this have anything to do with cucking Severin? 

“Isn’t it obvious? When Diane goes upstairs, you can offer to pay for her bill in exchange for her to sleep with you, hahaha! I bet they can’t fork out several hundred thousand, so the only way Diane can leave this place is to say yes to that request. When that happens, we’ll think of a way to oper the door from the other room and secretly take a few photos. Don’t you think Severin would be pissed to high hell after being cucked a second time?” Jada cackled evilly. She was the eldest daughter of a third-tier upper-class family, and she was determined to get revenge on Severin fo making her look like a fool earlier! 


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