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Life After Prison by Silencieux (PDF) novel Chapter 65

Chapter 65 

“Don’t you dare cross the line, Easton. I think Fat Pat’s right. Seeing you talking about another woman right in front of me makes me wonder if you did anything else behind my back.” Lucy had been incited by what Patrick said and immediately glared angrily at Easton. 

After all, she was already heartbroken when her wedding was ruined, and seeing Easton having such thoughts made her feel insulted and humiliated. 

Easton could see that Lucy was really angry and explained in a hurry, “Don’t listen to him, Lucy. My only goal is to take revenge and get back at him, I swear that’s all I’m focused on. I’m supposed to be a respected rich young man, and Severin broke off my finger is broken for no good reason. Don’t you want to see me get revenge on him?” 

Jada could not stand them any longer and rolled her eyes at Easton. “Enough. We still haven’t started the plan yet and the two of you are already arguing! We need to hurry up and set things in motion, otherwise Severin family might be done with their meal soon and leave after paying the bill!” 

“In that case, which one of us will do it with her?” Patrick was all smiles as he smiled ingratiatingly at Jada. 

Jada looked at Easton and said, “It’s inappropriate for you to play this part, Easton. You’re married, after all, and you should put your wife’s feelings above everything else. You’ll still be able to get revenge if Patrick does it!” 

Since Easton had to show some deference to Jada, he could only nod and agree. “You’re right, you’re right. Thanks for reminding me to be a bit more considerate.” 

Lucy was still angry though, so he immediately coaxed her. “Don’t be angry at me anymore, babe. I’ll buy you an LV bag tomorrow!” 

“Hmph, that’s more like it!” Lucy snorted when she heard that there was something in it for her, and her mood seemed to improve a little more. 

“Come on, let’s go in through the back door. We don’t Severin to spot us and see through our plan! “Jada grinned and led them through the back door. 


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