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Life After Prison by Silencieux (PDF) novel Chapter 67

Chapter 67 

“Scammers? How dare you call us scammers just because you can’t afford to pay for your meals? “The manager sneered. “It’s not a scam when we’ve displayed the price very clearly in our menu. “Oh, really? Could you bring over the menu that we looked at earlier, then? Severin asked with at cold smile. 

“Right! That wasn’t the price displayed on the menu we looked at earlier!” Judith immediately remarked. 

“Go and get the menu,” the manager said to the waiter. “These people just won’t accept the truth until they’ve seen it for themselves!” 

The waiter brought over the menu in no time, and the prices were different from before! There was almost a tenfold increase in the prices of each dish and drink! 

“It’s not the same menu we were given earlier. This one’s brand new. The one we looked at was a little aged!” Diane’s expression became uglier as she looked at the menu. It was as clear as day that the menu given to them by the manager had been made in haste. 

Even so, the manager merely said with a frigid smile, “It’s the same. What you see now is the menu for our restaurant. We can’t help if you can’t afford it. The total cost of your meal tonight is a hundred and sixty thousand, so please pay up!” 

“My foot! We don’t need to entertain scammers who only want to scam me of my money. We’re leaving!” Severin remarked coldly. 

“We have a group of customers who are trying to leave without paying for their meal! Tell those thugs behind the restaurant to come in here!” The manager smiled coldly and shouted at another male waiter. 

“This is getting interesting!” Severin knew right then that they were targeted on purpose. Still, he was curious to know who the owner of that restaurant was, and in what way did he offend them. 


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