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Life After Prison by Silencieux (PDF) novel Chapter 7

Charmaine was appalled, not to mention a little displeased, when Severin spoke to her in such a tone. She pulled a long face and faked a smile as she said, “Am I not allowed to ask what kind of medicine you gave my grandfather? This is the first time I’ve ever seen a cerebral hemorrhage being treated without surgery. Isn’t it miraculous that you could cure it with some pressure here and there, along with a single pill?” 


After questioning Severin, Charmaine stretched her open palm to him and demanded more answers. “Are you a doctor? Do you have a medical qualification certificate? Show it to me!” 

Severin shook his head, “I don’t have any, and besides, I don’t think they’re important. What’s important is that I saved your grandfather, which I did, didn’t I? Or are you more eager to see him dead?” He stared at her briefly before continuing, “I can’t be bothered to explain myself to you. Your knowledge of the world is pretty shallow if this is the first time you’ve seen something like this!” 

“You…” Charmaine erupted in anger as she gritted her teeth and said, “Do you have any idea who you’re talking to? I don’t even know you!” 

Severin smiled disdainfully and said to Charmaine, “I’m talking to an unreasonable woman!” 

“Why, you little…” Charmaine’s ire was so great that she clenched her fists and glared angrily at Severin, “I swear I’ll get my bodyguards to come over and teach you a lesson! You’re very rude! Why am I not allowed to ask what it is that you gave to my grandpa?!” 

“It’s a life-saving miracle pill. Is that clear enough for you now?” Severin shot back. The reason he did not bother to explain it to her that day was because she was in a foul mood. After some thought, he said, “If I knew you’d show this sort of attitude to me after I saved your grandfather, maybe I should’ve just taken a step back and wait for you to call an ambulance. In that situation, your grandpa’s body might turn stiff and cold!” 

“Charmaine, whether or not this young man has a medical license doesn’t matter, and the name of the medicine he gave me earlier is of little importance too. What matters is that he saved me, so please try to speak a little more nicely to him,” Henry spoke at last. 

“But Grandpa…” Charmaine was angry, but she could only stomp her feet like a spoiled child. 

“What’s your name, my friend?” Henry looked at Severin with a smile and asked. 

“It’s Severin. Severin Feuillet,” Severin said indifferently. “By the way, the reason why you had a sudden cerebral hemorrhage was probably because you got too excited when you were playing chess earlier. You have high blood pressure, so you should go to the hospital and get yourself checked. Have the doctor prescribe you some medication to lower your blood pressure, or else you might suffer the same condition again because you ended up getting too excited!” 

“Thank you for your reminder, my friend. Severin Feuillet is your name, yes? It’s a nice name!” Henry cupped his hands as a gesture of gratitude to Severin and said, “You saved my life, young man, and that makes you my savior. Feel free to let me know if you ever need my help in the future. By the way, Charmaine, could you prepare a hundred and fifty thousand dollars for our friend here? It’s payment for the treatment he gave me!” 

“That’s too kind of you, but I don’t want any money. I didn’t do it for the money when I saved you earlier.” Severin chuckled, glanced at Charmaine just beside him, and said, “I’m content if a certain someone doesn’t treat me like a charlatan!” 

A look of surprise flashed across Charmaine’s eyes. The young man in front of her was dressed in tattered clothes, yet he seemed to be exceedingly calm in the face of 150,000 dollars! Perhaps she really did misjudge him. 

“Can’t you just drop that already!” Charmaine reacted with a petulant reply after remembering Severin’s attitude toward her earlier. 

“Is that any way to talk to our new friend?” Henry glared at Charmaine. smiled and said to Severin, “I have a suggestion, young man. Since you don’t want the money, perhaps I can treat you to lunch? I hope you’ll at least do me the favor of accepting my offer!” 


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