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Life After Prison by Silencieux (PDF) novel Chapter 70

Chapter 70 

The faint fragrance from Diane’s body left him a little Intoxicated, and once Diane entered, Patrick gently locked the door behind him and said with a smile, “Come and have a seat, Miss Diane. Let’s have a drink and a chat. It’s that simple!” 

Diane looked at him and frowned warily as she remarked, “I don’t remember having a friend like you.” 

Patrick smiled in response. “Haha, you must’ve forgotten. I attended Easton’s wedding today too, but you came a little too late to see Severin kick me!” 

Diane’s heart skipped a beat when she heard that. ‘Is he here to get revenge because Severin kicked him earlier today?’ 

She smiled awkwardly and apologized. “Hehe, sorry about that. He’s impulsive, and he has a thing for using physical force to solve problems. I hope you won’t take offense!” 

Patrick went to the table, took his seat on one of the chairs, and patted the chair beside him. Come here and have a seat. Let’s talk about some stuff, shall we? Whatever happened this morning is in the past. Severin and I are college classmates, after all, and we’re also in the same class as Lucy. If we weren’t, I wouldn’t have been invited to her wedding, and I wouldn’t have met Severin either!” 

Diane walked over, took a seat next to him, and said, “Sorry, what’s your name? May I know who you are?” 

Patrick poured a glass of red wine for Diane. “My name? It’s Patrick Reece. Come here and have a bite!” 

Diane smiled awkwardly and said, “Sorry, but I’m full, and I can’t eat anymore. Your manager said that you’ll let my family go after having a chat and a few glasses of wine with me.” 

Patrick smiled wickedly. “How about we have a drink then?” 

Diane felt that she was not in a position to refuse, so she could only raise her glass and drink 


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