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Life After Prison by Silencieux (PDF) novel Chapter 73

Chapter 73 

“AGHHH!” A blood–curdling scream was heard. Patrick clutched his nether regions and squatted down, nearly fainting from the pain. 

“HRAAH AGHH!” His yells were unending, and he had an excruciatingly painful expression on his face. 

Diane was still reeling from the immense shock, but that did not stop her from feeling a burst of joy. Patrick was a sleaze and a pervert, and it was her good fortune that Severin showed up in time, or else she would have been forced onto by Patrick. 

“Let’s go, Severin!” Diane endured the pain and stepped forward to tug on Severin’s arm. 

Severin smiled faintly, looked at the tightly–shut secret door in the corner, and said, “Show yourselves. Don’t hide there like scaredy cats!” 

The three people who were hiding inside paled in fright. They did not expect that Severin would be so ruthless as to deliver a kick that was strong enough to render Patrick’s crotch useless. He was the epitome of fearless, and he began to walk up to the door when no one answered him. They started to fear that Severin would not kill him in one fell swoop. After all, a poor man like him would have nothing to lose against richer individuals like them. 

“There are other people here?” Diane frowned in bewilderment. She had spent more time in that room than he did, but she did not notice anything out of the ordinary there, much less sense the presence of other people. 

Severin could not care less to say anything further and walked over to face the secret door. He delivered a thumping kick that sent the door flying open and yelled, “Come out here!” 


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