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Life After Prison by Silencieux (PDF) novel Chapter 80

Chapter 80 

Severin immediately ran to one side and said smugly, “It was on purpose. Come on and hit me 


“Severin!” Diane gritted her teeth angrily as she stood up and rushed over to pinch him. 

“Wait! Does it still hurt?” Severin asked when he saw Diane running toward him. 

“You’re right, it doesn’t hurt anymore!” Diane froze for a moment. Though she could not walk earlier, she was somehow able to run a couple of steps without feeling anything happen. 

“What do you think? You do know how amazing I am right now, don’t you? Hehe, would you have run over to me if I didn’t provoke you? You probably wouldn’t dare, right?” Severin remarked proudly. 

“You! You’ve got skill, I’ll give you that!” Diane walked a few more steps and could not resist praising Severin. 

“Told you I’m a miracle doctor. Why wouldn’t a miracle doctor have amazing skills?” Severin smiled, then looked at Diane earnestly. “By the way, you’re always calling me Severin. Why can’t you call me honey for once?” 

“Nope! Not happening!” Diane immediately feigned anger. “Hmph. You were the reason I was kicked out of the Shanahans and suffered for so many years. I haven’t forgiven you yet, you know. 

There’s no way I’m going to call you honey!” 

“Sigh, it’s fine. You’ll end up calling me honey sooner or later!” Severin sighed and said in a serious 



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