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Life After Prison by Silencieux (PDF) novel Chapter 83

Chapter 83 

“I’m sorry, Mister Harvey. I’m too blind to see that you are our important guest and offended you. I hope you can forgive me!” Harvey ran over and knelt down in front of Harvey. 

From the look on Master Blade’s face, he knew he had caused trouble. The man he had just told off was not just any man. 

Severin smiled faintly. “Sigh. But you were asking for tips from me when I wanted to go in just now. And you won’t inform your boss about my arrival without the tips. Look at me, do you think I’m a rich person? There’s nothing I can do since I can’t afford to give you tips!” 

He shrugged, took out a cheap packet of cigarettes, and started smoking it. 

“What? You even dare to ask for money from him?” Blade got even more infuriated when he heard that. With mighty strength, he kicked Harvey with his leg. Harvey ended up falling to the ground. 

“Mister Severin, you must be joking. How could you be a poor person? Umm, what about this? I’m going to have him chop off his arm to apologize to you for asking for money from you. I hope you could let it go after that. What do you think?” Blade asked. 

Harvey was dumbstruck upon hearing that. His eyes became dull. ‘I’m finished. I know now that no one in Draco Hall dares to cross this man. Otherwise, Master Blade will never say that.” 

It was a very heavy punishment. Harvey was going to end up being a handicapped person in the future. Draco Hall was not going to have any place for him. 

“It’s too serious. Argh, forget about it. Just let him slap himself twice. So he will remember what happened today!” Severin said. 

“Did you hear that? Are you not going to thank Mister Severin for letting you go easily?” Blade urged. 

“Thank you, Mister Severin! Thank you, Mister Severin! I would absolutely remember it and never again will I dare to do it in the future!” Harvey slapped himself a few times and expressed his gratitude. 


Larry stood up and said, “Supreme Leader, I know you have always been mysterious and did not want to reveal your identity. That was why I did not ask Blade to reveal it and tried to hide it for you.” 


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