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Life After Prison by Silencieux (PDF) novel Chapter 88

Chapter 88 

Megan had a disgusted look on her face. “I know you are living in this big villa now. But if you don’t work hard, you are going to have trouble paying the maintenance fee in the future. And Selene is older now. She is at the age to study in preschool. Don’t tell me you are going to enroll her in those lousy types of preschools. Education is very important for a child!” 

“None of you need to worry about that!” Diane talked back immediately. 

“You…!” Anger overpowered Megan so much that she could not find words to form a sentence. 

Diane’s personality was different from how she remembered in her memory. Did Severin give a bad influence on Diane just within the few days he was back? 

Since Diane reacted that way, Felicia quickly switched her method by changing her expression and trying to appeal to Diane with emotion. She approached Diane, knelt in front of her, and grabbed her hand. 

“Diane, I have been missing you dearly every night. Do you think I’m not worried about you? In fact, all of us worried sick about you and scared that you had a rough life. But we are afraid to contact you or be nice to you. What if your grandmother finds out and kicks us out too?” 

Felicia’s eyes were starting to get teary. Little by little, Diane’s heart had gone soft. These people were her parents and her sister. Most importantly, William had secretly cared about her and helped her in the past. 

She looked at William’s hopeful face and said, “I need to ask Severin about this. He’s my husband so I need to discuss it with him!” 

“What? When are you a nose of wax? He’s going to need a moment to sink in the happiness when he knows he is going to live with us. He’s going to be part of the Sanahans if he stays in the house. His status is going to be different. Maybe most of the second rich generations would look down. on him, but at least he is going to be part of the Sanahans. In normal circumstances, those businessmen would still beware of him and treat him with respect!” Megan said. 


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