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Life After Prison by Silencieux (PDF) novel Chapter 9

“Only ten in existence? Even those with a net worth of billions might not have the privilege of owning them?!” After hearing those remarks, the woman who had peed herself earlier proceeded to pee herself again. She felt as though the neurons in her brain had short-circuited. 


Nevertheless, she still could not believe that a disheveled, hobo-like young man in worn-out clothes could have that much money. 

She looked up to the branch director and said to him, “This must have been a mistake, right? Who knows if that bank card is a fake? Maybe it just looks the same? Do you really think someone like him could own a card like that? Is he fit to own such a card?” 

Severin frowned immediately after hearing that. “And what kind of person would you deem fit enough to own such a card? Someone like yourself?” 

The woman, though still somewhat reluctant to accept what was happening, kept quiet when she remembered how strong his strength was. 

The bank’s branch director said coldly, “I’ve only seen a similar bank card once, and that was by chance. Who would have the time to forge a fake one and try deceive us?” After answering the woman, he bowed slightly in a sycophantic manner and smiled at Severin. “Sir, may I have the honor of personally serving you today? Just ask for me whenever you need to make any transactions in the future!” 

In fact, the bank manager did have a fair amount of doubt over whether Severin’s bank card was genuine, but he knew better than to take a risk on the chance that the card was a fake. If his guess was wrong and he ended up offending the card owner, he would almost certainly be sacked from his job. 

Furthermore, it would be easy to find out whether or not the card was fake. The truth would be exposed before any transaction could even commence, and there would still be time for him to chase the fraudulent person away! 

“Well, the thing is, I don’t know just how much money is inside this card. It was given to me by someone else, and I came here because I wanted to check the balance! While I’m at it, I’d like you to link my cell phone number so the SMS notification service can be activated. That’ll make it easier for me to check the balance whenever I want!” 

Severin’s nonchalance nearly left everyone present there aghast. 

“That bank card has to be a fake, right? Who’d be so stupid as to give him something like that?” The rich woman was secretly delighted to hear that and stood up at once. “You’ve just exposed your own lies!” 

Severin, however, slapped her with the back of his hand once more. “You sure talk a lot of nonsense.” 

“You! You slapped me again!” The woman was even more aggrieved than before. She squatted on the ground again and started crying, lamenting that Severin lacked ethics and had no hesitation in slapping women! 

“Alright then, Sir. Do come with me. May I ask for your name, please?” The branch director, however, was very respectful. 

“My name is Severin Feuillet!” 

“How handsome, remarkable, and distinctive! A name like that will almost certainly propel you to much greater heights in life!” 


Severin came out a few minutes later. 

“Here’s my business card, Mister Feuillet. If there’s anything you need in the future, please feel free to contact me. Serving you is an honor, and a great pleasure!” The branch director followed Severin out and bowed even more than before. 

“Um…Mister Feuillet, here’s my business card too. Let’s have tea whenever you’re free! You can come to my house for dinner too if you like!” The beautiful manager followed him from behind as well. She seemed to be rather desperate and practically only stopped short of inviting him to spend the night with her. 

The rich lady and her bodyguards from earlier had not left yet, and she was dumbfounded when she saw kind of attitude that the manager and the branch director were displaying toward Severin. There seemed to be no doubt, then, that the bank card had to be real. 


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