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Married by Accident, Taming the Billionaire novel Chapter 21

Chapter 21 The Stunning Look In Their Eyes

Cecelia began to think back, and the faces of the Nelson family flashed through her mind.

"Who could that be? Could it be..."

At this point, Cecelia felt like any one of them could be the mastermind!

For example, Renee the hypocritical stepmother, Ronald, and the others. Cecelia wondered if it could be one of them.

Remington's presence was a threat to their interests. If Remington disappeared, they would be able to gain more benefits.

It would be terrible if that were the case!

"What did you think of it?" asked Remington.

"I'm wondering if the person who caused the car accident you were in and the mastermind who told Peter to release the snake could be the same person," said Cecelia.

"It's possible. The killer always slips up!"

Remington had long sensed a connection between these incidents.

He'd been in a car accident first, but he hadn't died. Now, someone had secretly released the snake to kill him!

It could be the same culprit who did a series of backroom deals.

Whoever it was, he would find the mastermind!

When Cecelia was about to go to sleep at night, she said, "Remington, I'll go back to my home tomorrow. You can ask your assistant Fredric to come and look after you then!"

Remington ignored her. Then, without repeating herself, Cecelia turned and took her son to rest.

The next day, Cecelia took her son to have breakfast. Then, Camelia came to pick up Andres and drove him to school.

Cecelia put a small pendant around Andres' neck. As she packed her things and was about to leave, Andres hugged her leg and wouldn't let her go.

Andres was afraid that his mother would leave him again!

He knew that his father must have had a bad temper and a fight with his mum. He wondered if his mum had left him because she got mad at his dad.

He didn't want his mum to go!

Seeing the worried look on her son's face, Cecelia knelt down and said soothingly, "Andres, I'm not leaving you. I have something to attend. Be good. You go to school. I'll pick you up after school this afternoon. Then, we'll go home together. Okay?"

Seeing Andreas pout, Cecelia stuck out her little finger and said, "A pinky swear?"

Andres held out his little finger, interlocked her little finger, and made a pinky swear with Cecelia. Then, he watched Cecelia walk away.

Andres was not happy from the moment Cecelia left. He pouted his little mouth. Although he wanted to cry, he struggled to hold back his tears.

He was really scared that his mum would never come back!

"Andres, go to school with Camelia!"

Camelia came over and took Andres by the hand, but Andres wouldn't let her touch his hand. Then, he put on his school bag and got into the car. He was going to school to wait for his mother to pick him up in the afternoon.

Camelia hated Andres to the guts when she saw how strange he was. She thought, 'Bastard, why don't you die sooner?

Verda, her assistant, drove up to pick up Cecelia. After sitting in the back seat, Cecelia turned on her computer and asked, "Did you find out anything about the drug I asked you to look up?"

"Already sent you an email, Miss Linsey."

Upon opening her email, Cecelia saw the detailed instructions for the bottle of medicine.

According to the instructions on the bottle, Cecelia could tell that the medicine contained tubarine. It was a neuromuscular-blocking drug, which could prevent muscle atrophy and could be used by paralyzed people.

However, Remington was not paralyzed. He had only suffered a severe fracture of his lower limb and was still conscious, so he could not use the drug.

Jackson had given Remington a medical examination. Why did he prescribe such a drug to Remington when he knew what was happening to him?

According to Cecelia, the Chamber family had been practicing medicine for generations, and both Jackson and his father were personal doctors of the Nelson family and had been serving the Nelson family. Since Jackson was trusted by the Nelson family, it was intriguing for him to prescribe such pills to Remington!

"Get the pill analyzed again. I want to know the ingredients of the drug."


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