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Married by Accident, Taming the Billionaire novel Chapter 22

Chapter 22 She Stole the Spotlight

At this point, Heather had no choice but to explain, "We all thought she'd been burned to death five years ago, but we didn't think she'd survive and escape. She came back recently."

"Well, so that's what happened!"

"Cecelia has become so beautiful after five years! I wonder if she is engaged."

Heather felt depressed to see the attention of the guests shift to Cecelia.

Although Heather was a little upset, she didn't show it on her face. Immediately, she put on a smile and walked up. "Gee! Cecelia, you're back!"

Ophelia also saw Cecelia coming. She wondered why Cecelia had suddenly come uninvited.

Sean noticed the woman who walked in. He was shocked to hear Heather refer to her as Cecelia.

He was extremely shocked!

He had no idea Cecelia was alive. And he hadn't heard the Linsey family say that she had returned alive.

When he suddenly saw Cecelia, he was stunned, guilty, and terrified.

At first, he thought he'd seen a ghost!

After all, he had set her up five years ago!

At that time, he wanted to burn Cecelia and the child in her belly. However, he didn't expect her to be alive. Had Cecelia really come back alive?

Moreover, what he couldn't believe was that Cecelia had changed so much that he didn't dare to recognize her.

After all, five years ago, Cecelia was unattractive, simple, weak, and gullible.

However, now, Cecelia looked gorgeous. She had a wise and cold gleam in her eyes that made her look completely different from before!

He couldn't believe his eyes!

Sean asked Ophelia quietly, "Ollie, is she really Cecelia? Is she a human or a ghost?"

"It's Cecelia! She's alive!"

Ophelia answered Sean in a lowered voice. Putting on a smile, she stepped forward and greeted Cecelia. "Cecelia, how did you find the time to come to my mother's birthday party?"

Ophelia was suggesting that she should be looking after Remington at the Nelson Residence right now.

How did the Nelson family let her go out at will?

"I just came back the day before yesterday to marry into the Nelson family on your behalf, and today happens to be the day for me to go home. And I'm here in time for Aunt Heather's birthday. How could I not come?"

Cecelia's words were very informative.

The upper class of Center City knew that the Nelson family, the top of the five families and the number one plutocrat, was looking for a woman to marry his family's ailing son. However, Gary was cruel enough to let his recently returned daughter marry into the Nelson family instead of Ophelia.

If the others didn't know the Linsey family well, they would think Cecelia wasn't Gary's daughter!

Also, Cecelia particularly called Heather aunt. If she hadn't mentioned it, everyone else would have forgotten about it.

Heather became Gary's wife shortly after Gary's ex-wife had just passed away. Soon, Gary claimed to the public that Ophelia was his biological daughter. It was clear that Gary was a jerk.

Seeing Cecelia and Ophelia stand together, the surrounding people were whispering about the two of them.

"Everyone says Ollie is one of the top three beauties of the Center City. Look at her sister Cecelia! She's as pretty as Ollie!"

"Cecelia seems to be more beautiful!"

As the saying went, comparisons were odious.

Ophelia was said to be one of the top three beauties of the Center City. However, the moment Cecelia stood next to Ophelia, Cecelia outshone Ophelia instantly.

Cecelia looked dazzlingly beautiful, as if she was glowing. She seemed to have the magic power to eclipse the galaxy.

She simply stood silent and said nothing. Her cold and gorgeous face would make her the center of attention.


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