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Married by Accident, Taming the Billionaire novel Chapter 23

Chapter 23 She Exposes Her in Public

Everyone started gossiping. With a calm face, Cecelia asked, "Ollie, I don't know where you got that rumor from. What proof do you have?"

"I have proof! I know the general manager of Vera in the Cathail Republic. I can call him right away. Let's hear what he has to say."

Ophelia wanted to ruin Cecelia's reputation. And Heather didn't stop her because she couldn't wait to see Cecelia be humiliated.

"Yeah! Call him!"

Cecelia smiled lightly and had a calm look in her eyes.

Ophelia made the call in public and got in touch with the general manager, whom she knew. Then, she put her call on speakerphone and asked him who had bought Vera's couture dress.

Ophelia lifted her chin and waited for the general manager's answer. And everyone around her listened carefully to the conversation.

Soon, a man's voice came from the speaker. "Miss Linsey, the couture dress you were looking at last time was bought in full by a lady named Cecelia."

His words left Ophelia in disbelief. "That's not true! Didn't you say last time that it was bought by a married businessman?"

"Miss Linsey, are you mistaken? You wanted to buy a couture dress, but it was already sold. Then, you chose another blue dress, but a businessman bought that one. You did not choose another dress after that. If you need anything, welcome to come to our Vera flagship store and choose..."

Ophelia didn't listen to what the manager said after that. Then, in a panic, she hung up the phone.

At first, she wanted to make a public spectacle of Cecelia. However, she had shot herself in the foot.

Now everyone knew that the dress she was wearing was not Vera's dress at all, which proved that she was wearing a knockoff dress!

The surrounding people started snickering and gossiping about her. Seeing her daughter make a fool of herself, Heather rushed over and pulled Cecelia away. "Cecelia, it's so nice to have you home. I'd like to introduce you to some friends. Come! Come on! Come on!"

Ophelia froze in place after Cecelia was dragged away. She felt the blood flowing backward throughout her body. And she had a faraway look on her face.

It was so humiliating!

She felt so embarrassed!

She couldn't wait to pass out.

She had bought a knockoff gown because all the gowns she had an eye on had been bought by someone else. And she didn't want to be ashamed at the party.

However, she hadn't expected Cecelia to expose her in public!

How could Cecelia be such a pain in the ass!

Ophelia hated Cecelia so much that Ophelia's nails dug into her palms.

Kathrin came over and comforted Ophelia. "Ollie, don't take it personally. It's just a dress. She just said that to make you look bad and to humiliate you! Come on. I'll go with you to change into a dress, and come back later!"

Kathrin pulled Ophelia out of the ballroom. Then, Heather dragged Cecelia into the ballroom and ran into Gary and a few of his friends.

A few of his friends kept complimenting, "Mrs. Linsey, congratulations on getting your daughter back. Cecelia is so beautiful! She's amazing!"

"Mrs. Linsey, now, you have two daughters. You are so lucky. And, today happens to be your birthday. What a blessing!"

"Thank you. Thank you..."

Upon hearing the compliment, Gary could only accept the guests' congratulations and smile awkwardly.

In fact, he and Heather were very nervous because they both had bad feelings in their hearts. They were afraid that Cecelia would reveal what had happened back then!


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