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Married by Accident, Taming the Billionaire novel Chapter 24

Chapter 24 She Was So Humiliated

Seeing the other guests arrive, Heather and Gary went to greet them.

At this point, Sean approached Cecelia with a glass of wine.

Standing in front of her, Sean sized her up and said, "Cecelia, long time no see. It seems that you've been doing well."

Sean didn't mention anything about what happened back then. He assumed that Cecelia didn't know that he set the fire. For now, he merely noticed that Cecelia had become beautiful and was attracted to her pretty face.

"Mr. Gusto, you are talking to me in public. Aren't you afraid that my sister will be jealous? Aren't you afraid of gossip?"

Cecelia sneered and despised assholes like Sean. Thankfully, she had broken up with Sean a few years ago.

She would have got the shares of the Done Group that he had cheated her out of!

"Ollie is generous and understanding. She won't be jealous."

"Is that so?"

Glancing over at the waiter with the tray, Cecelia sneered, picked up a glass of wine, and asked, "Would you like a drink?"


Sean was in a good mood. When he had finished drinking his wine, he continued to stare at her.

Cecelia still had a calm look on her face. She sneered and thought, 'What a jerk! I'll make you suffer right now!'

Ophelia finished changing her dress and went back into the room. Her face darkened as she saw Sean and Cecelia clink glasses and drink wine together.

She was afraid that Cecelia would steal Sean away again, so she rushed over, took Sean's arm, and asked, "Sean, what are you and my sister talking about?"

"Just small talk."

Seeing Ophelia arrive, Sean withdrew his gaze.

It was almost time. All the guests had arrived. Then, the host came on stage and said, "Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for coming to the birthday party for Ms. Heather Done, the wife of the CEO of the Linsey Group.

"Next, we'd like to invite Ms. Heather Done and Mr. Linsey to join us on stage. Later, we will ask the staff to bring up the gift that Mr. Linsey has prepared for his wife."

As the host was invited to the stage, Heather suddenly felt her back itch. She wanted to scratch her back, but she had to endure the itchiness and walk onto the stage.

Everyone turned to look at the door. Then, six staff members joined together to carry a large rectangular object covered with a red silk cloth, making the gift look mysterious.

The host continued, "Mr. and Mrs. Linsey have always been the model couple of the Center City. Everyone knows how much Mr. Linsey loves his wife, which is why he has prepared such a special birthday gift for her today. Please let Mrs. Linsey reveal the surprise herself!"

At this point, everyone turned their heads to watch Heather come over and unveil the red silk cloth.

Heather had a terrible look on her face as the itch on her back had spread from one spot to a large area. It had been itching the hell out of her.

She forced a smile and removed the red silk cloth.

Everyone exclaimed in shock once they saw the photo embedded in the huge crystal.

"Mr. Linsey really loves Mrs. Linsey! He must have spent a lot of money on such a huge crystal table!"

"Is that a picture of Mrs. Linsey when she was young? She looks so beautiful!"

As she heard the guests exclaim, Heather looked over at the crystal frame. Her face darkened once she saw the woman in the photo.

The woman in the photo was not Heather when she was young.

The young woman intimately hugging Gary was not Heather at all!

"Who is she?"

Heather looked over at Gary, who was standing across from her. The moment Gary took a look at the photo, he nearly had a heart attack in shock. He wondered why a picture of him and his mistress had been exposed.

He was screwed!


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