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My Disabled CEO Stood up And Kissed Me novel Chapter 105

Chapter 105 Kendrick Is Injured

Maggie opened her eyes wide. "Now?"

Natalie didn't explain much. "Give it to me."

Maggie handed her the car key and Natalie got up and walked outside in a hurry.

At the moment, Lamont was walking in and knocked into her.

Lamont held on to the door in time to balance himself. Just as he was about to swear, he raised his head to see Natalie. He swallowed his words and even put on a smile.

But Natalie didn't give him a look and hurried towards the parking lot.

She quickly started the car and rushed out with a swoosh. She thought, "Hope I just worry too much. Kendrick, you must be safe."

Now her mind in a mess. After calming herself down, she called Nigel again and asked him to deliver something to the villa.

Nigel sounded very anxious and told her that he was not available.

Natalie asked, "Do you have something important to do?"

After all, Nigel was not experienced enough and didn't know how to answer, for fear that he would divulge the secret.

He was not as mature and responsible as Brock.

Nigel said, "Can you wait any longer?"

Natalie said, "If you're busy, I won't trouble you. I'll be back tomorrow anyway."

She hung up the phone, stepped on the gas, and rushed towards Wonder Villa.

It was autumn in Goldburg, so it got dark early. The streetlights were dim.

It took more than an hour to go downtown from the suburbs.

She was driving on the road alone.

Natalie was still focused on driving.

But she couldn't control the disturbing thoughts in her heart.

Today was the weekend. Ashlynn and Baron were all on vacation.

It was extraordinarily quiet when she got home. She input the code and opened the door to see a stream of blood on the ground. "He must have been seriously injured." Natalie thought and rushed upstairs without changing her shoes.

When she was on the landing, she heard Brock's voice. "The doctor can't come! Why?"

He hurried downstairs and saw Natalie on the stairs.

Brock was quite startled. Natalie rushed over and asked, "What happened? Is Kendrick injured?"

Then she saw that Brock's sleeves were soaked in blood, and his coat was also stained.

The scene hit her like a thunderbolt. She pushed Brock aside and rushed into the bedroom. She smelt blood and saw Kendrick lying back against the pillows. His white shirt was stained with blood and he was so pale.

Natalie rushed in front of him and was speechless for a moment.

Kendrick was a little confused due to blood loss, though he could still see Natalie. He frowned and opened his mouth when Natalie stopped him. "Don't speak."

Natalie checked and found a deep wound on his left leg. After she dressed the wound, the bleeding just couldn't be stopped.

The left shoulder of his shirt was torn. Thankfully, his shoulder was not seriously wounded.


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