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My Disabled CEO Stood up And Kissed Me novel Chapter 106

Chapter 106 Mrs. Ramsey, Are You a Surgeon?

Nigel quickly recovered from his shock, stepped back, and closed the door. He turned around and said to the doctor and his assistant, "Wait a minute!"

Always keeping calm was the basic quality of a president's assistant.

Nigel knocked cautiously on the door and asked, "Boss, the doctor is here. Can we come in?" He hoped Kendrick didn't see his reckless behavior just now, for fear that he would "lose" his eyes.

Natalie cut the suture and heaved a sigh of relief. She forgot that she was still lying between the Kendrick's legs.

She wanted to get up when Kendrick grabbed her. Natalie thought he was still in pain, so she raised her face and said, "Your wound has been stitched up. I'll let the doctor in."

She straightened up and accidentally let her eyes fall on somewhere in his body. She turned her face away, feeling her cheeks burning.

Nigel knocked on the door again, thinking anxiously, "Come on! It's not the time yet. He's dying."

Natalie opened the door and went out with a sweaty face. She said in a hoarse voice, "Go in and treat his shoulder. Give him an injection of immunoglobulin."

The doctor hurriedly bypassed Nigel. Nigel wanted to go in, but Natalie grabbed him by the collar. "What are you going in for?" Natalie frowned and said coldly, "Except to cause infection."

She let go of him and said, narrowing her eyes, "Go downstairs with me. I have something to ask you about."

Being stared at, Nigel stood perfectly still, thinking, "Where did Brock go? Why hasn't he come back?"

"Why is he injured? How did he get injured? Did you catch the attacker? Who is behind the attack?" Natalie asked while wiping the blood off her hands with a wet towel.

A series of questions made Nigel freeze. Anyway, he had been trained, answering, "The attacker has been caught, but we haven't known who is behind this."

"You didn't answer my first two questions!"

"One of the murderers is a poor student who was sponsored by Kendrick. He said he wanted to express his gratitude and got a chance to approach Kendrick. Unexpectedly..."

Natalie frowned. "Is he underage?"

"Yes, both of them are 16-year-old high school boys. The sulfuric acid was also taken from the school's chemistry laboratory!"

People tended to be off guard when it came to minors.

Natalie frowned. "Does Kendrick refuse to go to the hospital?"

Lin nodded. "If he is photographed, it will cause volatility of the stock price of Ramsey Group. Moreover, there would be rumors."

It was the critical moment of struggling for power. Kendrick didn't want to raise new issues.

Natalie pursed her lips. Seeing the complicated look on her face, Nigel didn't dare to say more.

Natalie threw the towel into the trash can and said, "Nigel, you may go back!"

"I want to stay. If..."

"The wound has been treated. He's fine. Do you have anything to report to him?" Natalie said.


"Then go back. I will contact you if we need your help." Natalie signaled him to leave.


Not long after Nigel left, Brock had his wound stitched and returned.

"Is...he okay?"

"The doctor is treating him. The wound is not very deep. He's safe," Natalie said.

It was not so deep as Brock's wound.

Brock had raised his arm to prevent Kendrick from being knocked by a fatal blow in the neck.

Natalie brought him the special ointment from her room and said, "Apply the ointment after you get home. It can help your wound to heal."

The ointment had been given to her by Kendrick. Brock didn't take it, knowing the ointment was a special drug that had not been listed. The price of it was tens of thousands of dollars. In addition, it was prohibited in the country, and almost no one has access to buy it.

"I can't take this."

"I still have a new one," Natalie comforted.


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