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My Disabled CEO Stood up And Kissed Me novel Chapter 107

Chapter 107 Stay with Me

Kendrick said, "No."

Natalie got up. "I'll get a new bowl of water."

When she came back, she saw Baron rushing back. Together, the two changed the sheets. Baron saw her sweaty face and her stained clothes and said, "Mrs. Ramsey, you may tidy yourself up. Leave this to me."

Before Natalie could speak, her stomach convulsed. The sudden pain almost made her call out.

Baron saw her face and was about to say something.

Natalie stopped him. "Be careful not to touch his wound."

"Don't worry, I will be careful."

"Okay, I'll go wash my face."

It was already nine o'clock in the evening, but Natalie didn't eat after this noon. No eating combined with mental tension could easily lead to stomach cramps.

She hurried out of the room. Steadying herself with one hand against the wall, she bit her hand as the pain surged up.

Suddenly, her hands and feet felt cold and numb, and she couldn't even walk. She slid down against the wall and sat on the ground, huddling herself up to suppress the pain.

After her hands regained consciousness, she pressed Point Liangqiu with her thumb to calm down.

As the pain dissipated, she was soaked in sweat, gasping heavily. Then she struggled to get up and walked towards her room.


Baron helped Kendrick change into a loose black nightgown.

When seeing Kendrick's wound, he almost sobbed, thinking, "Mr. Ramsey's legs have just gained consciousness. Why should he suffer this again?"

He couldn't help but ask, "Was it Melvin who did this?" Melvin was Kendrick's uncle.

Kendrick was silent. He doubted that, too, but she had no evidence yet.

Baron gritted his teeth. "If it was him, I'll deal with him at the risk of my life. For these years, you have treated him with respect, but he has always been hard on you, despite the fact that you're his nephew."

Kendrick interrupted, "I will deal with this myself." He closed his eyes and recalled the scene.

That teenager had seemed to be aiming at his legs. When the teenager approached him and bent over, he took out the knife from his sleeve and stabbed at his legs.

His companion took a bottle of sulfuric acid to help him to escape. The two cooperated with each other.

Obviously, the person behind the attack had been well-prepared and even instigated minors to commit crimes.

Kendrick opened his eyes, his eyes filled with chilling coldness.

The door was pushed open again by Natalie. She had changed into clean long-sleeved pajamas, with her long hair hanging on her shoulders.

She was holding a cup of brewed protein powder.

Kendrick signaled Baron to take away the dirty clothes and sheets.

Baron immediately picked up the laundry basket and went out.

Natalie sat down by the bed, and now her face had returned to normal. "I made you a cup of brewed protein powder. It can help your wound."

Kendrick smelt it and frowned slightly. He didn't feel like drinking it. "Is there nothing else?" he asked.

"It's the best for you now." Natalie put the cup to his lips. She did not back down on some issues.

"Take a painkiller after drinking it," Natalie looked at the time and said.

Kendrick finished the cup of brewed protein powder.

The protein had a slightly unpleasant smell and it revolted him since he had smelt blood for so long.

Natalie took out a tissue to wipe his mouth. Looking at his pale face, she sighed silently.

But now she didn't ask before he had a good rest.

She caressed his cheek and said, "Sleep early tonight." Kendrick frowned and held her wrist.


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