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My Disabled CEO Stood up And Kissed Me novel Chapter 108

Chapter 108 He Was Like A Little Pet 

Natalie was stunned. 

But Kendrick didn’t seem to do anything more. Instead, he put his face to her obediently and listened to her heartbeat. 

She thought that he just wanted to feel secure as he had a nightmare. 

But soon something went wrong. 

He rubbed against her with the tip of his nose. 

And then he started to lick like a little pet. 

She became speechless, "..." 

She was dumbfounded. 

What was that? 

Subconsciously, she wanted to say no to his licking. 

However, she heard him snort, "It hurts..." 

He looked wronged and weak. 

She dared not make unexpected movements at the moment for fear that she should tear his wound. As she hesitated, he had already started to do whatever he wanted. 

The moonlight streamed in through the window. 

She had lost her mind. Finally, she heard the sound of his sucking and his soft murmur, "Nat..." 

He was calling her name. 


Natalie woke up early in the morning. 

She had stood at the washstand for a full-twenty-minute. 

She didn't take out the washcloth to clean her face until the foam was dry on her face and her skin became tight. 

When she thought that Kendrick rubbed himself against her like a little pet last night, her face was burning. 

She had reasons to suspect that he had planned it for a long while. 

After washing her face, she was in a daze again when she sat in front of the dressing table and applied skin lotion to herself. 

If it weren't for the fear that she might tear his wounds, she wouldn't allow him to take an ell. 

After patting her face, she lifted her clothes and had a check. She seemed to have a scratch a bit. No wonder she felt a little hurt this morning. 

She clenched her fist silently. 

There was a knocking on the door. 

It was Ashlynn. She said that the breakfast was ready and that she might trouble Natalie for bringing it into Kendrick's room. 

He got an injury in his right shoulder, making him awkward to eat. 

Natalie looked back and asked with her eyes lowering, "Where's Baron?" 

She wanted Baron to help him eating. 

Now she didn't want to see him much. 

"Baron just went out." answered Ashlynn. 

"He can eat with one hand." Natalie gestured and showed Ashlynn how to do that with her left hand. 

"..." Ashlynn was stunned for a long while before she said with a gloomy face, "Mrs. Ramsey, I dare not say that to Mr. Ramsey." 

Natalie got up. 

She went to the shelf outside the door to pick up the tray and pushed the door open. 

Kendrick leaned against the head of the bed, looking much better than last night. 

As he saw her coming inside, he frowned slightly, "Did you go back last night?" 

She looked up to him, finding that he was calm. Except that he was a little upset when he woke up in the morning and didn't see her by his side, he didn't show many feelings. 

"Yeah. I left in the middle of the night." She said, "I was worried that I might touch your wound. I didn't sleep well." 

He didn't say anything more. 

After staring at her for a while, he found that she avoided eye contact instead of looking at him. 

She handed the cup to his mouth. It reminded her of something when she saw him taking a sip of the milk and protruding the tip of his tongue to lick the milk on his lips, and she turned her face away immediately. 

And then she peeled the eggs in silence. 

He took a little bite of the egg. Seeing that she was absent-minded with her eyes downcast, he raised her chin and asked, "Why are you in a daze?" 

And then she met his gaze. 

She was quite puzzled. 

Was she too innocent? 

He just kissed her from her neck down to the waist up. She felt shy even when she thought about it. 

How could he be so calm? 

Could he forget about it! 

She cleared her throat, "You had a little fever last night." 

"Yeah, I had a nightmare." responded he. 


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