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My Disabled CEO Stood up And Kissed Me novel Chapter 109

Chapter 109 You are Mine

Kendrick felt that he was bound to win the Ramsey Group.

At first it was a kind of confidence.

He was confident that he would bring the group to the top.

However, at the height of the business, he was the only one there.

But it was different now. He got someone he wanted to share with.

He wanted to hold her hand and enjoy the prosperity and beauty of the world with her.

The group and she were both his.

Natalie was stunned. As she had read the original book, certainly she was clear how important Ramsey Group was to a man like him who was supposed to shut out any love and be devoted to his career.

At the moment, he made such a promise to her.

Could it mean that she was more important than the group in his heart?

Of course, she wouldn't be that stupid to ask him which was the more significant one.

Certainly, she was capable of standing shoulder to shoulder with him.

Natalie pursed her lips and said after a serious thinking, "Ramsey Group is yours." She rolled her lips with love in her eyes. She looked as gentle as the river, "And you are mine."

And that was enough for her.

Seeing her gentle look, Kendrick would just kiss her if it wasn't for the injury in his shoulder.


Natalie followed Kendrick's thoughts to make a strategic plan.

She was bright, quick to get his point.

He pointed to the screen and said, "Make some changes here." Soon his phone rang. It was Brock.

He turned on the speaker.

So Natalie could hear their conversation clearly.

Brock had found out preliminarily that what had happened was closely related to Melvin.

He would keep gathering evidence.

Kendrick frowned deeply after hearing that.

He and Melvin had maintained a superficial harmony before that and it could even say that he respected Melvin a lot. But in recent years, his outstanding ability and achievements showing in his work had naturally made Melvin look rather incompetent and useless.

Especially after Nancy was pushed out, Melvin gained power on the surface.

But in fact, Kendrick was the real winner.

As he and Melvin had conflict before, Melvin just harbored a great dislike for him.

Kendrick hung up the phone.

He found that Natalie had a murderous look. She gnashed her teeth and said, "It does have something to do with him. How dare he instigate minors to hurt you?"

Kendrick pursed his thin lips tightly with a serious look.

"Does grandpa know about your injury?"

"No yet."

"I will tell him!"

Kendrick looked up to her and said, "Nat, leave it alone." He lowered his voice, "Don't get involved."

She put the notebook at the bedside and jumped to her feet, saying, "How can I leave it alone? Melvin intends to kill you and I can't bear it." She became so infuriated, "I mean, at this time, how can't I get involved? In the eyes of those outsiders, we are one. Certainly your pain is my pain."

"Besides..." Natalie sat down again and their eyes became level. She said solemnly with a serious look, "I have told you at the beginning that I will face and move together with you."

Kendrick frowned deeply, "Look, I will find a way to tell grandpa. Just don't worry. I will handle it well."

"It's different." She held his hand and said, "Why don't I just tell him, if you want to do that? Will you cry and ask grandpa to save you?"

Kendrick was speechless, "..."

"I know you won't. You will only say that the injury is not serious and it does not affect the group's stock price."


"Just look at Melvin. How crafty he is. Whenever he makes a mistake, he will just mention his mother who has passed away for many years. And then your grandpa's heart will become softened." She was analyzing, "The squeaky wheel gets the upgrade grease. But you won't cry and just swallow your grievances instead."

She reached out to caress his face and said in a gentle voice, "You just never show it, no matter how badly you are hurt or how sad you are. That's why your grandpa keeps training you. But you have to say it if you feel the pain, just like what you did to me last night..."

Last night she was tricked by his expressions of being hurt.


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