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My Disabled CEO Stood up And Kissed Me novel Chapter 41

Chapter 41 Do My Legs Bother You?

Kendrick could kiss her on the cheek just by turning his face slightly.

His hand rested on his lips in a fist.

Unknown feelings bubbled up inside, clamoring to break out.

At that moment, he had an impulse .

He turned his face slowly, as if hesitating, but trying.

"Ding" sounded three times.

Several messages popped up on Natalie's phone.

They were E-mails from Owen.

After communicating in Fayman this afternoon, Owen was clearly more excited than she was.

They discussed academic issues like discovering the new continent.

Owen didn't know Natalie's gender.

He just called her Professor.

With such a depth of expertise and an almost transcendent perspective, it was impossible to be younger than him.

Dr. Gentry was already at the top of his profession.

So this person who was emailing him, must on the higher level.

He was so excited that he sent three emails in a row.

Natalie saw his messages, and she remembered.

She came to the study to talk about treating his legs with him.

She was not here to flirt.

"Actually, I have something to discuss with you." She crouched down again and placed her hands on Kendrick's knees.

Kendrick nodded.

Natalie took out the phone and showed him Owen's profile, explaining, "Owen, the world's youngest and most elite neurosurgeon and Walker Gill's favourite student, is coming back next month."


"I'd like to invite him to re-diagnose you."

Kendrick frowned and his eyes darkened.

"No." Kendrick refused.

Natalie was confused.

"The result won't be any different." Kendrick was patient with her, explaining, "And, I don't have the time."

"Well..." Natalie made a concession and said, "What about updating your rehabilitation training plan? It was made a few years ago. The technology has developed with time passed by. It's time to change."

Kendrick was unimpressed, saying, "Maintaining the status quo is enough."

Natalie tried to say more, but he looked at her and raised his eyebrows, asking, "Do my legs bother you?"

He didn't care about it, or even didn't thought he could change it.

But she cared about it.

She had mentioned it more than once.

Natalie folded her hands on her knees, rested her chin on them and looked up at him. "We have to seize any chance!"

"As I said, there will be no change." Kendrick was stubborn.

"There is no cure." Kendrick got angry, "To spend time and energy on a foregone conclusion is a waste. There is nothing but disappointment. If this bothers you..."

He obviously was irritated.

There was a pause as the last sentence came out.

The face on his knee was little with big weepy eyes, and she looked at him with anticipation.

Kendrick looked away and continued, "Try to ignore it."

"It never bothers me." Natalie's voice was soft like a spring breeze.

She has always been strong outside. She could get angry at anytime and anywhere, and never afraid of arguing with people.

But when it came to Kendrick, she always had an infinite amount of tenderness.

"I just..." Natalie stood up and held on the arms of her wheelchair. She got closer to him and stared him in the face, saying, "Want the world to look up to you."

This man was born to be extraordinary, to rule the world.

And he worked so harder than anyone else.

He didn't deserve to be stuck in this little wheelchair.

He should be at the top of this world.

Be admired by all.

"Will you promise?"

"No more discuss about this."

Kendrick's answer was decisive.

Natalie lowered her eyes. She couldn't hide her disappointment.

But she also understood Kendrick.


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