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The Billionaire's Sex Slave novel Chapter 74

Andrius hugged me tightly. I swallowed so hard that I almost couldn't gulp because of the pain I felt after hearing what Andrius had told me.

“It's my fault that Stanley died; that's what you mean….” I gasped when I felt my heart clench in so much pain. I felt a thousand knives stab my heart, and the blood dripped slowly until I died.

I am Samantha because of the pain that the Eastons had caused me. They were my motivation to survive every catastrophe that they were trying to give me. It was Stanley and Cassandra's death that gave me the strength to fight against Andrius' family.

“It's not your fault. It's our fault. If I didn't divorce Beatrice, maybe, you would be with our daughter now. Maybe, she is alive, and I could watch her grow from afar. I realized that I'm such a selfish bastard. All I think was the jealousy that had eaten me whenever Stanley was with you. What I thought at that time was Stanley stole you from me, and I was so mad at myself that I was so cowardly to fight for you.”

“I know what happened to you, and the closer you are to me, the more they will try everything to remove you from my life. It was too late when I discovered that my mother let Beatrice handle everything at your wedding. I was so mad because I could see that you were devastated by Stanley's death.” Andrius gasped, and his cries made my tears flow even more. I closed my eyes to make myself remember everything that had happened.

“Of course! I was wrecked because Stanley did everything to protect our daughter. He did everything to make us escape, but he failed because the man with Maxine was mad at him. I thought that it was you who planned those things.” What strange was I could find myself trying to open everything with Andrius? Maybe, seeing how wrecked he was, too, made me think that we were on the same page.

“I didn't even tell them to kill Cassandra or even Stanley. I didn't know that they were going there to your wedding. You didn't know where I was at that time, right? Stanley's family knew it was Beatrice, and they didn't have the power to sue her.”

“And I don't have the power too. Even though I am Samantha now, I'm still a weak, poor girl that you let stay in your house because I don't have a home.”

“No, Caroline. You have the power. You will get the company, and I will ensure they will lose their right to the company. I married you because that is the last thing I want to do. I want to make everything right, even if it's too late. I can't change the past, but I can create your peaceful future.”

“What are you talking about, Andrius?”

Andrius looked at me. His eyes were bloodshot while he moved so we could see each other. My eyes closed when I felt his hand caressing my cheeks.

“I know it is too late. But, Caroline, I love you more than myself now.” He whispered and kissed my lips. My tears continued flowing when I noticed that Andrius was crying while he was moving his lips. We were both emotional, and I didn't want to wake up after this anymore.

“Caroline, I love you… I'm sorry for causing you a lot of pain. I'm sorry that you experience those tragic moments in your life because of me.” He mumbled and continued kissing me again. I parted my mouth and responses to his kisses. I closed my eyes and let choose my heart first.

Because I talked with Andrius, I didn't even feel guilty about what I had done. Maybe, my heart wanted me to be happy, and my gut told me I needed to choose Andrius to be satisfied as long as I lived.

Andrius started to become aggressive. He sucked my lips while his hands roamed my chest. He pinched my nipples which made me groan in so much pleasure because of the electricity that kept coming inside my body.

I gripped Andrius's hair when he sucked my tongue, which made my holes throb because of the anticipation he was giving me. Andrius was the only man who made me feel I was a woman. He was the only man to whom I let myself surrender. He was the only man that my body needed.

“Ohh!” Andrius kissed my neck, sucked my skin, and lowered his lips onto my chest. His mouth was so hot that I wanted to ask for more even though we weren't even starting to fuck each other; no, it's not fuck because I'm sure that everything that we might do tonight made love.


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