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The Billionaire's Sex Slave novel Chapter 78

I couldn't process everything that I'd found out. It felt like a bomb exploded in front of my face, which stunned me momentarily, and I couldn't save my life after the flash.

Hugo chuckled and nodded at me as if he was telling me that he was telling the truth. I felt terrible that I almost sold myself to him, and if he knew I was Caroline, he wouldn't even make it. Maybe, he would tell me that I was his daughter and that I was doing something immoral.

My hands trembled when the doctor gave me a copy of the DNA test. My eyes widened, and I saw the report that Hugo Easton was my father.

“Reya hid everything about me. You are my daughter, Caroline. This is why I signed the papers that he needed that he was giving his wealth to you if he died.” Hugo almost jumped in happiness and hugged me tightly. I saw how he wiped the tears from his eyes, and I don't understand why he was emotional.

After Aiza found out I was Hugo's daughter, she kept complaining and even felt guilty that she made me seduce my father.

“Shit! Oh! I can't believe that I did those things with you!” Aiza hugged Attorney Alvarez tightly while she was sitting in his lap. I was disgusted that they began kissing each other as if they didn't see each other for a month.

“Caroline, what about Andrius? Hugo has the plan to tell the police that he and Reya we're the masterminds of what happened in that land?” Aiza asked me, and I felt my heart shattered because of Andrius.

“He didn't tell me. I hope he will do that. After all, it's their fault and not Andrius's.”

“Oh, I forgot. I had a sin against you. I didn't tell you that Andrius securely supported you when I found you. That's why he knew that you were Caroline. Finally, I can move in peace because that bastard kept disturbing me so he would not know our plans. I'm sorry, he kept threatening me.” Aiza scoffed and encircled her hands on Attorney Alvarez's nape. I was surprised by what Aiza had told me.

From the very start, Andrius knew that I was Caroline; that's why he went to me when I first met him after the accident.

I bit my lips as I stood to leave Aiza with Attorney Alvarez. I wanted to see him because I missed him.

“Caroline, did you know what happened to Maxine? She was arrested, and there were a lot of cases that she needed to face. I don't think that death is too hard for her.” Aiza added and glimpsed at me. I felt happy about what Aiza had told me.

“I want to reopen the case about what she had done to my daughter and Stanley. Let those people they paid suffer too. It's their fault why some justice wasn't given to those who needed it.”

“What about Beatrice and Reya? They are still free.”

“Is it ironic that Maxine will kill her sister? Let her know that it was Beatrice's fault that she went to jail. I want to see them fighting with each other.”

“Oh, Caroline, you are so heartless. I didn't know that you have this attitude.”

“I have. All people have a bad attitude, especially if someone that they need to get revenge on is crueler than them.”

Aiza nodded because of what I said to her. I knew that she would do anything to support me, and she wouldn't betray me because we were the same.

“Is it OK to ask your driver to drive me to jail? I want to see Andrius. I missed him.” My cheeks were numb because it was too strange that I was honest with Aiza about what I felt, especially since it was Andrius.

Aiza grinned, and I knew that she had something in her mind. Well, I didn't mind doing what she wanted me to do.

“Andrius..” I called Andrius when he entered the room Aiza had prepared for us. Aiza was so teased; she even made sure I wore a revealing dress, which was quite effective because I had seen how Andrius clenched his teeth.

“You arrived here while you were wearing that dress. There's a lot of police officers here, Caroline.” Andrius gave me an angry face which made my lips purse when I saw his reaction.

I crossed my long legs, and I saw how Andrius didn't remove his sight from me. He swallowed and looked away again.

I cleared my throat and made a severe expression. “Andrius, I'm thankful that you helped me with your company. Unfortunately, I came here to make you sign this.”

I took the folder Aiza had given me, and I saw how Andrius stopped when he checked the folder. His eyes had a lot of emotions, and I saw that there were tears that he was trying to stop.


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