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The Billionaire's Sex Slave novel Chapter 76

Caroline's POV

I didn't know what I should do next anymore. I don't understand why I feel disappointed in myself because what I should judge now is to be happy. I need to rejoice because my family and those of our neighbors would have the justice that we were seeking.

“Dad. Mom. It is not Andrius' fault, but why is he the one who needed to suffer?” I felt that it had been so long since I remembered my parents, and I knew that my father was righteous. He didn't like to point the finger at someone who was innocent. I learned how good he was because that was the only thing he told me was more important than money.

Even though my father could be asked for his money from Andrius's company, he didn't even do it because he knew that once they found out he was in the demolition place, he would push it even more.

My phone vibrated, and it looked like Andrius had put my phone on the table. I saw Aiza, who was calling me. My hands trembled as I took my phone and answered her call.

“Leave that house. I'm waiting for you.” Aiza sounded severe, and I knew he was with Attorney Alvarez because I could hear his voice in the background.

Aiza quickly ended the call, and I saw my clothes hung. Did Andrius know that I would leave this property?

I didn't waste time because Aiza looked like she wanted me to move faster. I glanced for the last time at the bed where Andrius and I made love, and I felt that my soul was left in that place.

I don't understand how Aiza found out where Andrius took me, but I was thankful she called me. I needed someone to talk with, and when I saw her car, I didn't think twice about coming inside but went to the backseat because Attorney Alvarez was in the front.

“Congratulations on your wedding.” Aiza greeted me. She had a forced smile, and I felt that she was disappointed that I had married Andrius. “I fetched you because I discovered what happened with Andrius. He was too stupid to admit the actions that he didn't do.”

Aiza looked frustrated, and Attorney Alvarez tryarez tried to enlighten her mood.

“Andrius called me to say that I needed to pick you up. He knew I knew where you were and told me I needed to ensure you were safe. So, the first plan was to go to my safest place, but Andrius's company panicked.” I was surprised when Aiza told me Andrius called her, but how? I didn't even know that they had communication.

“I know that you have many questions in your mind, but I will talk to you again after the meeting. Andrius made sure that you will be safe inside his company.” Aiza added, and everything was so fast. I was in Andrius's company, and I could see that there were a lot of paparazzi waiting at the entrance.

We successfully entered Andrius Company, and I saw that the board of directors was anxious about what happened. I went inside the meeting room, and I saw Beatrice in front as if she was talking to the board members.

Reya and Hugo were sitting in the front, and I saw Hugo widen his eyes when he saw Aiza, who was giving him a death glare.

“Bitch, what are you doing here? You are not part of this company!” Beatrice yelled, and seeing how presentable she was, I knew that she would grab the opportunity to act as the replaced CEO of the company.

“Security!” Beatrice yelled, but the security didn't drag me out of the room. They all formed a circle as if they were trying to protect me against Beatrice.

Beatrice's mouth parted in disbelief. Her eyes were bloodshot, and I could see her eyes forming tears.

“You aren't my husband's wife anymore, but what are you doing here?” I smirked when I saw how her face turned pale. The group of men began whispering with each other as if they were shocked that Andrius was secretly married.

“Who isn't part of this company? I'm the one who has a big part of share in this company.” I walked into the center and smiled at them. Beatrice scoffed.

“Beatrice, you should know where your place was. It looked like you forgot about it. I'm Andrius's wife now, and my father owned half of the shares of this company. I think you already know who was the two major stockholders here. It was Andrius, the missing best friend of Mr. Hugo Easton. And that man is my father, so I own this company now.”


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