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The Billionaire's Sex Slave novel Chapter 79

“Caroline!” I turned around and saw Stanley's family giving flowers to Stanley's tomb.

Stanley's mother cried when she learned that Andrius got the body and gave them a proper burial. Like my parents, I felt happy that I finally had the chance to check their tomb too.

After Andrius was freed from jail, Andrius was shocked when his mother, Reya, admitted everything she had committed to my parents.

Reya was jealous of my mother, especially when she and Hugo conceived me. She loathed me because of my face; she always remembered how my mother looked and how Hugo cheated on her behind her back.

Hugo would be out of jail after five years, while Reya needed to be in prison for thirty years. I knew that Andrius loved his mother so much, and I knew that he felt miserable because of what happened to his mother.

Even though Beatrice and Maxine were dead, their family faced a significant backlash because of what they had done. We found out that Beatrice's family was helping her to hire someone to kill Stanley and Cassandra.

The man who shot Stanley was found dead in the bathtub. He committed suicide, so he should not be put in jail. Beatrice's family was suffering a lot of debt, which made her family known as the worst family in the city.

I think I should be happy about what happened to get my revenge. I finally got the justice that I wanted, even though I had experienced a lot of horrible things in my life.

“Andrius.” Stanley's father called Andrius, who was standing beside me. Andrius went closer to Stanley's father and hugged him. We discovered that Andrius's father was Stanley's uncle, who died of sickness.

“Uncle, I'm happy that you two are going here. I'm sorry if I didn't tell you about his tomb.” Andrius said and tapped Stanley's father's shoulders.

“You don't need to apologize because I'm grateful you got his body despite what happened inside the church. I'm thankful that my son finally got the justice that he deserves to have.” Stanley's father muttered, which made my eyes tear. It was the best thing that had happened to me.

I glanced at my daughter's grave, hoping she would be happy with the Creator. Andrius kept talking to them while I was cleaning Stanley and Cassandra's graves.

Andrius still carried Hugo's last name, and I still had my late father's name to give respect to his sacrifices for my mother and me.

“Oh, you both are married now. When did you plan to have a child? Many things happened, and I think you two deserve happiness.” Stanley's mother mumbled, which made me see how Andrius tried to look away at me.

I knew Andrius would like to have a child now, but I told him I wouldn't say I liked it because of the trauma that had happened to me. After that, Andrius distanced himself from me and avoided me whenever we were doing some intimate moments.

He reasoned that he was trying to control himself because he might be gotten me pregnant if we always did those things.

I knew he wanted to have a child, but he respected my choices, and seeing how sad he was, maybe he was thinking a lot of things now.

“Andrius..” I called him. After we visited Stanley and Cassandra's graves, we went home straight because I wanted to rest.

Andrius gave me a cold glaze, and he was typing on his laptop. He sighed and waited for what I wanted to say.

“I need to meet someone tomorrow. Suppose you want to stay in your office for the whole day tomorrow. It's fine.” I gave him the sweetest smile, which made Andrius frown at me. He clenched his jaw when I took off the robe from my body.

I was wearing scarlet lingerie that Aiza had given me. I wanted Andrius to see it, or maybe, he would let me have sex with him once he saw how stunning I was.

But I was wrong. Instead of hugging me, Andrius stayed in his office for the whole night and didn't even dare to hug me or kiss me. Because of what he had done, I felt terrible the entire day that I didn't want to answer his call. But he didn't dare to call me even though he knew I needed to meet someone.


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