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The Divorced Heiress’s Revenge (Anna and Justin) novel Chapter 1473

Asher said, “It doesn’t matter. Dad is handling it.”

Asher’s gentle and doting gaze lowered as he looked at his sister, who was sitting in the front row. “I told Dad that I’m worried about Bella, and I was afraid there might be unexpected incidents happening here without someone to take care of them, so I came along.”

“Asher, you are really treating Bella like she’s your daughter.”

Ralph exclaimed from his heart, his eyes landing on Bella and Justin’s perfectly matched figures. His gaze grew complicated. “But as her brothers, we will probably have a lesser chance of being by Bella’s side. Bella has a guardian angel who will protect her forever now. She won’t need us anymore.”

“She won’t be single forever. Since she turned 18, I’ve been prepared to face the day that she won’t need me anymore.”

Asher recalled many fond moments of his sister’s sweet smile, and bitterness rose in his chest. But he was not jealous. He only had blessings for her. “But it’s actually quite good. She has someone she could entrust her life to, and we can finally retire in honor as her old knights.”

After the plaintiff, the defendant's lawyer, and prosecutors took their seats, the discussion among the listeners died down.

Steven and Hunter each stood on one side, tension crackling between them.

“Steven… Good luck.”

Amelia sat beside her mother, staring at Steven’s handsome figure with an intense gaze, her back not even leaning against the chair, nerves taut.

Wearing the prosecutor’s uniform, Axel strode to his seat and took his place. His sharp, eagle-like eyes commanded respect and radiated a sense of oppression.

“Oh my God! Who could understand me?!”

Sasha looked at Axel with a fangirling expression. “Axel looked so cool in court! If all prosecutors are as handsome as Axel, I’d have to find reasons to come here every once in a while to meet them!”


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