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The Godly Doctor's Bossy Wife novel Chapter 1739

Qing Hans small face darkened. "You want to buy my sister?"

"No, no" The young girl hurriedly shook her head. "Well only lend her for a few days. We will stay in Wu Shang City for a few days, and the day we leave, we will return your sister to you. And, of course, I will pay for it."

"No, get out of the way!"

Little Qing Han snorted.

She had been with her sister all day, and it was still not enough. Now that person wanted her to give her sister to someone else?

No! She had been waiting a long time to have a sister!

The young girl was anxious, but without waiting for her to continue persuading Qing Han, Nan Feiyu had already run over to Xia Xia and opened his arms. "Cute little sister, let me hug you"

Qing Hans expression changed dramatically. She stepped in front of Xia Xia and lifted her foot, kicking Nan Feiyu out of the way.

"Dont you know any shame? A boy, running to hug a girl! Shameless!"

The boy was caught off guard by a kick and fell to the ground. He cried out loudly, shocking the entire street.

"I want a little sister A little sister"

The young girls face turned paleeveryone in the Nan family, except for the old master, favored sons over daughters.

If something happened to her younger brother while they were out, her parents would beat her up severely!

Moreover, everyone in Nan City said that her younger brother was Nan Changfeng. If her brother were harmed, no one in Nan City would let her go

"Xiao Yu!"


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