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The Godly Doctor's Bossy Wife novel Chapter 1740

Those sneers from the crowd made the young girl panic.

General Manor?

Why does a little girl that my brother likes have this status?


The young girl bit her pale lip, wanting to say a few words in her defense, but she choked, unable to utter a single word.

On the street, a man came, and he was like the sun, dazzling and bright.

The young girl had never seen such a handsome man before. He was as stunning as an immortal, but he was so cold to them.

The man stopped in front of the two little girls and asked gently, "What happened?"

Qing Han looked at the guards in the air and released with a vigorous shake. She then smiled. "Its alright, Father."

Nan Xian smiled and looked at Xia Xia again. "Did someone bully you?"


Xia Xias mouth fell open. "Sister will fight the bad guys."

"Good. No one dares to bully you. If anyone does, just ask Qing Han to kill them."

Nan Xian went forward and bent down to pick Xia Xia up.

"Lets go home."

He did not even so much as glance at the young girl, as if he had never noticed them.

The young girl was a little lost and sighed. "Hes married"


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