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The Godly Doctor's Bossy Wife novel Chapter 1741

As soon as she returned to Nan City, Nan Feiyu ran to the main courtyard in tears.

At this time, Wei Rong was drinking tea with some noble ladies of Nan City, and when she saw him crying, her heart sank. "Ladies, I have some things to do today, so I cant accompany you anymore."

Those noblewomen also saw the tearful Nan Feiyu, but did not ask a word, and said politely, "Then, we will take our leave, and wait for the next day to visit you."

After that, these people left one after another.

She hurriedly got up and walked to Nan Feiyu. "Whats wrong? Didnt you go out with your sister? Who bullied you?"

"I saw a little girl outside and wanted to hug her, but they beat me up, and my sister didnt help me."

Her face turned cold. "Its an honor for you to like a little girl, let alone hug her. Your sister didnt even help you out? Where is she?"

As soon as the young girl walked in, she saw that Nan Feiyu had already told on her, and she panicked, rushing forward and trying to defend herself. "Mother, I"

"Shut up!" She pointed at the young girl angrily. "Nan Luo, as an elder sister, you just stood by and watched your brother being bullied?"

"Mother, no! Im just"


Wei Rong raised her hand and slapped Nan Luos face fiercely.

Her face became red and swollen, making her look a mess.

"I dont care what reason you have. Is this how you take care of your brother? Nan Lo! He is your brother! Your blood relative! How can you bear to see him being bullied?"

Wei Rong was quite rational, but when it came to Nan Feiyu, she would lose all her senses and become insane.

The young girl pursed her lips and sneered.

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