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The Godly Doctor's Bossy Wife novel Chapter 1742

Her face was covered with a white veil, and the breeze blew, revealing a stunning face beneath it.

"Have you heard about the old master of the Nan family Hes not in good health"

When the woman heard that, the hand holding the teacup paused as she lowered her eyes slightly to hide the emotions in them.

"The old master of the Nan family seems to have been paralyzed and bedridden since a long time ago," the man continued. "But lately, he seems to be getting worse, and Im afraid he wont be able to live much longer

"Tsk, I do not know where the young lady of the Nan family ran away to. Someone said that she had spent a long time outside the city, and when she came back to the Nan family, she was like someone who had lost her lover and could not live without him The old master was furious with his disobedient and ungrateful daughter, causing him to fall sick and go paralyzed

"The old masters biggest tragedy in his life is to get his long-lost daughter back, and in the end Bad things still happened to him.

"All these years, the new head of the Nan family has provided some herbs to the old master to help him. Otherwise, the old master would have been dead a long time ago. But the old master is still angry with his unfilial daughter, and this time, it seems like he doesnt want to live anymore"

The old masters life was full of glory, but his daughter had ruined him. All his dignity was destroyed, leaving him with no more faith to live.

The woman stood up, clenched her fists tightly, and walked out of the teahouse.


On the mountain outside the town, a white phoenix looked at the waters reflection and saw a white dress figure approaching it.

Its eyes lit up, and it flew over with its wings flapping.

"Suyi Suyi, youre back?"

Suyis dress was as white as snow; her eyes were full of determination. "White Phoenix, lets go down the mountain and go to the Nan family!"

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