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The Kiss that Sparked it All novel Chapter 1273

Chase spoke with a grin. "Alright, cut the crap, you two. This invitation feels like a declaration of war against our boss."

Belinda and Byran looked at Chase as their faces filled with surprise.

"A declaration of war?"

"A declaration of war?"

Belinda and Byran exchanged glances and found themselves agreeing with Chase's theory.

At this point, Collin, who was standing in the hallway, couldn't bear to listen anymore and came to explain on Mr. Blanchet’s behalf. "Don't get it twisted, folks. Mr. Blanchet just played the friendly card and helped Ms. Sophia invite some friends to support her. The costs and the venue for the party are all on Ms. Sophia. Mr. Blanchet wasn’t a part of it."

Chase, Belinda, and Byran raised their heads to look at Collin.

Ida also looked up, shifting her gaze from her smartphone screen to Collin's face.

Belinda began to speak. "Humph, if they're just friends, then why would he help her invite people? Doesn't he know that his status is kinda special? How many people will take him helping a girl invite guests like this the wrong way? Isn't he afraid Ellinor will blow a fuse?"

Collin was at a loss for words.

Byran chimed in. "Exactly! Girls are the most jealous creatures! It's one thing for Theo to have female friends, but helping them out this much? No wonder Ellinor doesn't want anything to do with Theo! Unlike me, since I got Ida, I stopped talking to any girl at school. I keep my distance on purpose."

Ida smirked. "No one asked you to do that."


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