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The Kiss that Sparked it All novel Chapter 1275

Ida nodded. "Unless something unexpected happens, that should be the case."

Ellinor immediately perked up. "What about the invitation?"

Belinda snapped back to reality and quickly went out to fetch the invitation. "Here you go! The invitation's right here."

Ida had already expected this outcome, so she wasn't surprised. "Boss, I'll go book a suitable outfit for you now."

Ellinor nodded in agreement.

Ida got up to arrange for her boss's outfit. The banquet was the day after tomorrow. If she didn't hurry, they might run out of time.

After Ida left, Belinda curiously approached Ellinor. "Auntie, why did you suddenly change your mind?"

Ellinor gave her a stern look. "What did you call me?"

Belinda quickly corrected herself. "Ellinor... Why did you suddenly change your mind? Who's Lady Lotus? Do you really like her paintings?"

"Are you asking all these questions to report back to your uncle?"

Belinda looked a bit guilty and awkwardly laughed. "No! I'm just curious as to why you suddenly changed your mind. Just now, you seemed uninterested."

Ellinor gave her a small smile. "Aren't people known to be fickle? Alright, you should head home too. Stop hanging around here!"

"Oh..." Belinda didn't ask anything else and left the room feeling disappointed. She thought for a moment and secretly sent a message to her uncle.

"Theo! Ellinor seems to really like the paintings by an artist named Lady Lotus! It's your time to shine!"


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