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The Kiss that Sparked it All novel Chapter 1282

Theo was leaning back on the chair, so when Ellinor first woke up, she didn't see him and mistook him for a shadow.

It wasn't until Theo moved a bit that the light from the car window hit his face. After she realized it was Theo, Ellinor felt uncomfortable and frowned. "It's you! How... how am I in your car?"

Theo looked at her. "You should be asking yourself why you fainted on someone else."

Ellinor suddenly remembered fainting; it seemed someone had caught her from behind so she didn't fall to the ground. It was Theo.

Regardless, this guy had helped her out.

Ellinor became a bit more polite in her speech. "I'm sorry, I think I might be a bit hypoglycemic. Mr. Blanchet, thanks for your help; I won't bother you again."

With that, she reached for the car door, ready to get out.

Theo didn't stop her and just said, "Weren't you looking for Lady Lotus’s self-portrait?"

Ellinor's movement to get out of the car halted, and she whirled around to look at Theo. "You have the painting?"

No wonder she couldn't find her mother's self-portrait at the party.

Theo lazily leaned back in his seat, nodding slightly.

Ellinor closed the car door again, taking her seat. "Where's the painting? Can I see it?"

Theo looked at her with a sarcastic glint in his eyes. "Why should I show you my personal possessions?"

The painting…

Did this guy buy it?

Ellinor felt a rush of anxiety. For the sake of her mother's painting, she swallowed her pride. "I'll just take a look; I won't snatch your painting."


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