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The Kiss that Sparked it All novel Chapter 1294

Theo's eyes narrowed slightly on the phone screen. "I want to see you."

Ellinor didn't seem too thrilled. "Mr. Blanchet, spit it out if you've got something to say. If not, I'd like to hit the sack."

The man responded. "Go ahead."

Ellinor was satisfied with this answer. "Then I'm hanging up."

Theo's tone was devoid of emotion, but there was a trace of a veiled threat. "You can go to bed, but don't hang up the video call."

What? Ellinor looked puzzled. "I'm going to bed; how can I not hang up? You want to watch me sleep or something?"

Theo rubbed his forehead with one hand, seemingly unfazed by this.

"I've watched before."

Despite the man's poker face, Ellinor was pretty pissed off at his attitude.

"Mr. Blanchet, I didn't peg you for a voyeur! But I'm not obliged to indulge you; find some other woman."

Theo responded. "I don't have any other women."

Ellinor retorted. "How can there be no other women? You could call your wife, Sophia. Given your relationship, it wouldn’t be too much to ask her for a striptease."

Upon hearing Sophia's name, Theo's impassive face furrowed. "You don't want that painting anymore?"

Ellinor fell silent.

This jerk! Did he have any other topics?

Theo continued. "Point your phone camera at the bed; go to sleep if you want."


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