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The Kiss that Sparked it All novel Chapter 1300

"Humph, you're just Ellinor! Even if you're my sister, you don't have a say in this!"

Ellinor replied while munching on her toast. "I'm not meddling with you, but I am Ida's family, so she listens to me. As long as I don't agree, you two don't stand a chance."

Byran's face turned pale. "Don't be like this..."

He knew that Ida had great respect for Ellinor. It was a fact that she tended to follow Ellinor's advice.

Not only that, his brother Balfour also listened to everything Ellinor said.

He was worried that Balfour would object to him being with Ida. If Ellinor could speak for him, there would definitely be no problem.

Ellinor lazily stretched out a hand. "Give me a napkin."

Byran immediately did as he was told and respectfully handed a soft tissue to Ellinor.

Ellinor popped the last piece of toast into her mouth, wiped her hands with the tissue, and stood up to leave.

Byran followed her. "Hey! Where are you going?"

Ellinor responded. "I'm going for a walk in your garden."

Byran scratched his head. "What about me and Ida...?"

Ellinor yawned. "Depends on your performance."

"I'll behave! The sun is blazing outside, so I'm going to get you an umbrella.”

And with that, Byran ran off to find an umbrella. Ellinor didn’t wait for him and headed to the garden alone.

She arrived at the sea of flowers, where she had previously met her biological father, McNeil Howard. Regrettably, the flowers had withered, seeming to be past their prime.

Ellinor felt a little disappointed to not see her mother’s favorite flowers.

She sighed softly, continued walking, and saw a swing chair not far away. She went over and sat down.

She felt completely relaxed as she swayed gently on the swing chair.

Her phone in her pocket beeped once, indicating a new message.


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